The Customer Success Community platform with measurable results

Leverage the power of community to measurably improve customer engagement and self-service in Customer Success

Build Engagement & Advocacy

Keep your customers engaged, creating long-lasting relationships that eventually benefit your bottom line. Beat their expectations and create advocates for your business & products.

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Get Product Feedback & ideas

Leverage your customer community to get easy access to invaluable Product Feedback, best-practices and open up your roadmap to user generated ideas and ideation requests.

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Scale growth through self-service

Stay ahead of the ever growing pile of support tickets, and frequently asked questions by adopting a Customer Success Community platform to enhance your self-service capabilities.

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We were already known for our high quality support, and that is something we want to keep providing, even with the high growth that we are experiencing now. With inSided, our customers can get excellent self-service with the help of their peers. This enables our support team to focus on the more complex requests and create new valuable content. Our efficiency and effectiveness increased significantly!

Hiewwaiy Kwok

Community Manager at Infoland

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Customer Support

Self-service support that never stops

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Customer Success

Create success with the help of your customers

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Shape your software using the voice of your customers

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Customer Marketing

Empower your brand with customer advocates

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B2B Software

Power customer success & scale support with our self-service community platform

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The world’s largest telecom providers increase self-service with inSided

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Consumer Products

Improve the customer experience and scale support with an online community

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Here’s how we’ve helped

Cutting Support costs and increasing self-service with an online community

Tre Sweden’s online community is a one-stop-shop where customers share best practices and easily find answers to their most burning questions. It has quickly become a vital element of their Customer Support function.


  • €660,000 annual savings on Support costs
  • 12,400 community questions answered monthly
  • 42,000 monthly community sessions

Facilitating self-service and increasing customer retention

Cybersecurity software company Webroot wanted a community where they could combine user-generated content with their own company content to reduce support costs and increase retention. 


  • 80% peer-to-peer support ratio
  • 60% community traffic from organic search
  • Combined community and knowledge base that powers customer self-service

Improving customer experience for millions of users

Sonos uses inSided to adopt a peer-to-peer support strategy. Today, their community is the starting point for customer care on multiple digital channels.


  • 40% of customers served by the community
  • 6.5M yearly visits
  • 85% SEO traffic

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