Build better products

Use real user insights to increase product adoption and deliver a software product your customers love.

Shape your software using the voice of your customers

Analyze data from your customer community to identify product bottlenecks

Build your product roadmap using customer ideation and voting

Increase product adoption with the help of your customer advocates

Get real customer feedback

Get entirely new perspectives on the problems you’re solving

inSided’s Customer Success Community platform allows you to:

  • Communicate effectively with users to collect valuable product feedback
  • Identify bottlenecks and obstacles so you can fix the most pressing customer issues
  • Prioritize feature requests using customer voting and polls. No more features that your customers rarely use!
  • Close the product-user feedback loop

Reinvent the ideation process

Tap into the expertise of your customers using ideation and upvoting

With a Customer Success Community you can:

  • Allow customers to easily submit ideas in one central place.
  • Use polls and voting to highlight the best ideas from your users.
  • Build your product roadmap in collaboration with your users.
  • Request in-depth critiques and engage in multi-way conversations around your own product ideas.

Maximize product adoption

Effortless adoption of new feature releases with the help of your advocates

Using the Customer Success Community, Product Teams are able to:

  • Use closed groups on the community for advocates to beta test new features and let their enthusiasm inspire others.
  • Build a powerful customer-driven knowledge base that’s always up to date.
  • Provide in-product support, use cases, guides, and best practices.

Integrate seamlessly for deeper customer insights

Analyze community engagement against product usage and streamline your workflows

  • Track the relationship between community engagement and product usage with our Mixpanel integration.
  • Optimize your product workflow in Jira from community to engineering.
  • Use your community the way it works for you—integrate with Google Analytics, Slack, Zapier, Miro and more…
  • Integrate with Salesforce to effectively prioritize ideas and feedback based on customer data, like ARR.

Whitepaper: The Product-User Feedback Loop

Download this whitepaper and discover how to get smart help from your customers and amplify your product team’s results.

Read about:

  • The product-user feedback loop
  • Product insights from your user community
  • Building the right product—together

Join leading software companies using inSided’s customer success community platform

Improving customer experience for millions of users

Sonos uses inSided to adopt a peer-to-peer support strategy.  Today, their community is the starting point for customer care on multiple digital channels.


  • 40% of customers served by the community
  • 6.5M yearly visits
  • 85% SEO traffic

Facilitating self-service and increasing customer retention

Cybersecurity software company Webroot wanted a community where they could combine user-generated content with their own company content to reduce support costs and increase retention. 


  • 80% peer-to-peer support ratio
  • 60% community traffic from organic search
  • Combined community and knowledge base that powers customer self-service

Cutting support costs with an online community

With a little help from us, T-mobile runs the largest telecom community in the Netherlands.  About 40% or all support requests are handled by their community.


  • $4M annual savings on service costs
  • 400K monthly visits
  • 65% of questions answered by customers