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Your customer community is packed full of insights. To get the most out of inSided,
connect to your tech stack, get deeper insights, and build better workflows.

✨ Our most popular integrations ✨

Capture feedback and insights directly from community posts

Create Productboard notes directly from community posts and identify valuable insights to build a customer-centric roadmap.

Develop a 360º degree view of your customers with community data

Push community member and activity data to Salesforce to gain a 360° degree view of your customers.

Search for Zendesk Guide content directly in your community.

Our federated search integration with Zendesk allows customers to search community content and your Zendesk knowledge base simultaneously. 

Integration Spotlight: Salesforce

Our Salesforce integration enables you to push community member and activity data to Salesforce to gain a 360° degree view of your customers —providing you with richer data that helps prove the worth of the community to the rest of your business.

Discover how Bizzabo uses Salesforce to tie
customer feedback to ARR

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Connect to your favorite tools to build better workflows, leverage community data,
and ultimately deliver better customer experience.


Create tickets directly from community posts.

Create tickets directly in your community and streamline customer support workflows.

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Get a holistic view of customer health.

Gain a holistic customer view, see historic activity and trends data and improve community engagement.

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Google Analytics

Track and measure your community KPIs.

Unlock richer reporting and keep a close eye on community KPIs with Google Analytics.

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Collaborate with your customers.

Collaborate with your customers directly in the community with Miro boards.

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Track community and product usage.

Track the relationship between community engagement and product usage to boost adoption.

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Capture insights from community posts.

Capture insights from inSided community posts to ensure you prioritize the right features.

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Build a 360º view with community data.

Sync and combine community data with business data in Salesforce and get deeper insights.

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Access all resources in one place.

Deliver unifying experience of community and education to drive engagement with Skilljar.

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Connect to all your favorite tools.

Connect your community to over 3,000 apps and integrate seamlessly with your existing tech stack.

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Search for Zendesk content directly in your community.

Show Zendesk Guide content in your community live-search dropdown and search result pages.

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Integration-powered dashboards
to prove community value

Use our Zendesk and Salesforce integrations to create
powerful dashboards that help you better understand
engagement and self-service in your community.


Self-service dashboard

Measure and improve the adoption of your community as a self-service channel by using Zendesk data to calculate your self-service score.

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Engagement dashboard

Measure and improve the reach of your B2B community across your entire customer base, by using Salesforce data to analyze engagement on a company level.

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Powered by Zapier

Use Zapier to connect your inSided community to your favorite
tools and integrate seamlessly with your existing tech stack. 


Reply to community topics from Slack

Get community notifications and respond to them directly via Slack.

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Send community posts directly to Intercom

Send Intercom messages with updated moderator tags to inSided topics.

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Add new community users as contacts

Add new inSided users to Hubspot as contacts.

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Add new users to lists as subscribers

Add new inSided users to Mailchimp as subscribers.

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Create issues from moderator tags

Create Jira Software Cloud issues from new updated moderator tags in InSided.

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Microsoft Teams

Send channel messages for new topics

Send channel messages in Microsoft Teams for new inSided topics.

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Use our platform’s data to your benefit

Can’t find the integration you need or have a different request? We have a very expansive API to cover all of your needs.


Integrating with our API is really easy

We have made sure to document all functions, requests and end-points our API has to offer. Still need more information? Feel free to contact us.