Act on user insights

Centralize all your product feedback on one transparent platform and get deep, actionable insights into customer wants and needs.

One centralized feedback hub—and you’re in control

  • An open platform for customers to share ideas and feature requests.
  • Customers can easily vote on their favourite ideas and requests.
  • Gather early feedback on your latest releases and features.
  • Encourage ideation with advanced gamification like badges and leaderboards.
  • Have one dedicated and customizable overview

Stress-free feedback management

  • Easily structure your customer feedback and idea pipeline.
  • Prioritize feature requests based on popularity.
  • Categorize ideas by Product Area to help you get a better overview of customer needs.
  • Use CRM integrations to filter ideas based on account ARR and different customer segments.
  • Create private groups and areas for beta testers and make sure feedback is easy-to-find.
  • Merge identical or similar ideas to avoid duplicates.

For Product Managers, we wanted to make it easier to see the posts that they care about, and take quick action such as commenting and updating idea statuses.

Lila Meyer

Director of Product Education and Community at Gainsight

Power-up the product development process

  • Use integrations to further sort and organize feedback on business metrics like and revenue and engagement.
  • Use our Gainsight and Salesforce integrations to combine product usage data with user feedback to better understand different customer segments.
  • Push feedback data to your CRM and Customer Success software to deliver a 360° view of customer health.

A data-driven approach to product development

  • Easily separate the needs and use-cases of different customer segments.
  • Combine feedback with CRM data to get maximum ROI from your product development.
  • Use SSO and CRM data to manage users and sync your data.

Guide: The complete guide to ideation for Product teams

Download the Guide and learn:

  • The limitations of classic ideation
  • Collecting, managing, and analyzing feedback
  • Building the right workflow and cross-team collaboration
  • Measuring success: KPIs for engagement and prioritization
  • Seeing the full picture using integrations