Empower your brand with customer advocates

Behind every successful brand is a loyal community of ambassadors. Harness their power for your marketing programs.

Customer advocates that support your marketing programs

Build an engaging Brand Community

  • Easily apply your unique branding and design to your community so customers always get the best user experience.
  • inSided’s out-of-the-box community platform makes design easy while still providing advanced customization capabilities.
  • Your customers are the real experts. Give them a platform to engage and exchange best practices with each other.
  • Make finding content easy with an all-in-one customer success knowledge base that includes rich articles, videos, best practices, and tips & tricks.

Connect advocates for powerful customer marketing

  • Brands understand that communicating with your customers is not just a one-way street. The new way to build your brand is to allow your users to build it with you.
  • Easily connect users with their peers and your organization, for fast answers and inspiration.
  • Provide product news and feature updates and engage in helpful dialogues with your customers.
  • Let users share best practices in an open, secure forum, where they can talk openly with trusted peers.

Boost customer engagement

  • Show your customers you care. Capture their concerns and actively help them.
  • Use gamification features to spark inspiration and shine a spotlight on your expert users.
  • Let your customers contribute to—and vote on—your product vision, so you can build the product they need.
  • Use the enthusiasm and knowledge of your brand ambassadors to inspire others.

Capture continuous Customer Feedback

  • Harness the power of your engaged users to create a powerful customer feedback loop.
  • Analyze questions and discussions in your community to identify product bottlenecks and prioritize improvements.
  • Beta test new features and promote them effectively with the help of your advocates.
  • Create stickier customers and faster product adoption with robust feedback process.

A Marketer’s Guide to Successful Online Communities

Jumpstart your community success—everything you need to know to launch, grow and maintain your own wildly successful online customer community.
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  • How communities strengthen brand equity and create customer advocacy
  • Expert ways to harness power users and ambassadors that support your marketing programs
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