Power customer success & scale customer support

With our self-service community platform for B2B software

  • Scale customer support
  • Efficient customer success
  • Product ideation
  • Engagement & gamification

Broaden your existing support capabilities

Capture and reuse high-frequency questions and answers automatically to maximize the efficiency of your support team

Provide outstanding service, without the cost

With the power of a community, it’s easy to provide high-quality, low-cost support to freemium or trial users

Deliver a seamless self-service user experience

Never interrupt a user’s journey. Allow users to find the answers to their questions exactly when and where they need them

Streamline your workflow with inSided

Scale customer support, and increase the efficiency of your customer success teams

Onboard new users with ease

inSided reduces the legwork and makes onboarding new users easy. You’ll see an increase in product adoption when you provide quick, easy to access and highly relevant self-service content.

Create and enhance your knowledge base

Build and maintain a knowledge base that’s truly driven by demand, not assumptions. Continuously combine community-driven content with your own internal help materials and get an up-to-the-minute, relevant and trustworthy knowledge base.

Provide a fantastic learning environment

Let product users share best practices and tips via the community, and make this easy to access with in-product support widgets.

We’re happy to show you around

We would love to set you up with a 14-day free trial (no strings attached) or get a bit more personal with a demo walkthrough of our product.

Product highlights

  • Community platform

    Create better and more answers with the help of your customer community. Scale support, increase engagement and build better products by relying on those that matter most; your expert users.

  • Knowledge base

    A one-stop shop for your users to get the answers to their burning questions, directly tied to the community. This provides your users with an all-in-one solution, a combination of curated company & community content to cover all bases.

  • In-app support

    Provide contextual, personalized help right within your own product and show suggestions based on current user activity. Scale customer success, onboarding and product/feature adoption.

Infoland: a great B2B software community

To scale their service offering and rapidly strengthen their customer service approach, software vendor Infoland worked quickly to implement a self-service community with inSided.

Looking to create one central hub for communication and to allow their users to easily find the latest information and software updates, Infoland needed to create a self-sustaining community of expert users.


  • Over 57% of questions answered by other users
  • 5 active users per topic
  • Excellent engagement levels for such a young community