Build Community.
Grow efficiency.
Beat uncertainty.

Get on the path to durable, community-led growth

Our recipe for customer success

Drive customer engagement

Engage your customers in peer-to-peer discussions, events & segmented user-groups

Increase customer self-service

Increase productivity and proactiveness by decreasing customer support questions

Product feedback & updates

Communicate releases,
get the voice of the customer on your

Increase customer advocacy

Identify loyal users & increase overall NPS and Customer Satisfaction scores


of your customers engaged


reduction of incoming questions


of customer ideas implemented


increase in NPS & CSAT scores

What’s in the box:

  • Community platform

    One central platform for engagement amongst customers in different categories, user-groups. Promote events, news and back it with advanced gamification.

  • Knowledge base

    Transform your traditional support portal to a Customer Success knowledge base with guides, tutorials, best practices and user generated content.

  • Product feedback & ideation

    Involve customers in product development by stimulating product ideation, prioritization, beta testing and product discussions.

  • Product communication

    Keep customers informed and updated about new product developments, releases and updates to your roadmap.

  • In-app embeddables

    Give customers easy access to all relevant knowledge, updates and best practices by offering highly contextual content right inside your product.

Have a brief look at our platform

Integrated with your existing success and support tech stack

  • Integrate with Customer Success solutions like Gainsight to create a 360-degree view of the customer, including support and community behavior
  • Integrate with CRM tools like Salesforce to provide insight into engagement, behavior and sentiment at account and contact level
  • Integrate with help desk tools like Zendesk to escalate tickets and offer 1:1 support for complex questions

Here’s how we’ve helped

Using community as a key channel for high-touch strategy

Cognite enables asset-heavy industries – like oil & gas, power & utilities, and manufacturing – to make better use of their data to improve the efficiency and sustainability of operations. With substantial contracts and a growing customer base, Cognite discovered community as a solution for self-service and engagement among customers.


  • 99% of all customers and partners registered
  • 51% increase in engagement from externals
  • 60000 + pageviews

How Gong uses Community to Fuel ARR and Customer Retention

Revenue intelligence platform Gong wanted to provide its customers with a space to connect and learn from each other. They found that it resulted in customer retention, product stickiness, and even influenced ARR.


  • 36% of accounts are in community
  • 20K unique visitors
  • 1,200 1:1 meetings have occurred
  • 3,000 registered community members

Leveraging Community for P2P Support and Unlimted Subject Matter Expertise

In June 2020, Pipefy launched their community with one goal in mind: to decrease the number of support tickets and put self-service and peer-to-peer support at the heart of the customer experience. One year later, nearly 95% of support inquiries are solved by peers.


  • 50% growth Year over Year
  • 85% replies to questions
  • 65% are marked with an answer within the same month

Leading brands are already using inSided

Take a look at any community built on inSided, and you’ll immediately recognize that the platform is built with the end-user in mind. The layout is clean and intuitive, and we hear from members all the time that our community is simply a joy to use.”

Adam Ballhaussen

Director of Customer Education at Docebo