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Case studies

Discover how leading brands use online conversations and customer
communities to improve their business & influence customer experience.

Delivering successful P2P support and inspiring members

Docebo, a leader in global learning technology, wanted to improve its customer education experience and found an all-in-one community hub was the gateway to achieving this. Docebo Community empowers members to share best practices, get answers and find inspiration to enhance their Docebo experience.


  • 30 ideas delivered
  • 1.8K ideas created
  • 21K votes
  • Avg. 300 posts and replies per week
  • 50+ new registrations per week
  • 96% P2P response rate

Creating a customer empowerment center with community

Customer Intelligence company, involve.ai, uses community as a foundational element to its customer empowerment strategy. Not only has it helped the company scale its education and training efforts, but enables users to find the answers they need through federated search. Centralizing all of the company’s resources has boosted the overall customer experience.


  • 70% of customers logged in
  • 4,000 unique visitors
  • 9,500 article views
  • 353 users who viewed help content

How Gong uses Community to Fuel ARR and Customer Retention

Revenue intelligence platform Gong wanted to provide its customers with a space to connect and learn from each other. They found that it resulted in customer retention, product stickiness, and even influenced ARR.


  • 36% of accounts are in community
  • 20K unique visitors
  • 3,000 registered community members
  • 1,200 1:1 meetings have occurred

Leveraging Community for P2P Support and Unlimted Subject Matter Expertise

With more than 5K integrations, workflow automation company Zapier needed a solution for the incoming customer questions and expertise. After implementing inSided’s Community Hub into its organization, they found it wasn’t only beneficial for ticket deflection but also to build thought leadership and a stickier product.


  • 50% growth Year over Year
  • 85% replies to questions
  • 65% are marked with an answer within the same month
  • 180K pageviews (monthly)

Using community as a key channel for high-touch strategy

Cognite enables asset-heavy industries – like oil & gas, power & utilities, and manufacturing – to make better use of their data to improve the efficiency and sustainability of operations. With substantial contracts and a growing customer base, Cognite discovered community as a solution for self-service and engagement among customers.


  • 99% of all customers and partners registered
  • 51% increase in engagement from externals
  • 60000 + pageviews

Enabling customer self-service and creating continuous customer engagement through community.

When the pandemic hit, its Client Service Managers needed a solution to handle a higher volume of questions and get customers answers in a timely manner. Through community, Sequoia was able to create a self-service culture and connect customers with one another..


  • 99% questions replied to in community
  • 45% monthly active users
  • 2,000+ registered users in one year

Creating a customer hub for a more seamless customer experience.

Unqork is the first and only no-code application development platform truly built for the enterprise. With the goal of creating a unified customer experience through community, Unqork launched the UnqorkCommunity Hub. A mere 9 months later, more than 85% of users are active multiple days per month, a number that signifies the value of the community.


  • 75% recurring users
  • 85% monthly active users

Increasing retention rates and providing meaningful connections through community.

Copper is the CRM software of choice for Google Workspace businesses. Copper arms its users with collaboration tools and provides a user-friendly experience to help teams and businesses build long-lasting relationships.


  • 200 new members MOM
  • 12% community engagement

Increasing self-service rates and building stronger customer relationships through community.

T-Mobile USA is one of the largest telecom operators in the USA. Their mission is to put customers first and they’ve changed the wireless industry because of it. Sticking to their mission and making good on their promise to customers, T-Mobile is building their customer-first future with the help of community.


  • 70% organic traffic
  • 82% of support enquiries solved by peers
  • 96% of content is user-generated

Creating a central hub for customers and facilitating engagement at scale

By implementing inSided, the Thinkwise Community became the central hub linking to all customer education and Customer Success material such as documentation, knowledge base, and ideation.


  • Reduced pressure on the Support team thanks to a self-service environment
  • A thriving community used by both employees, partners, and customers
  • An evolving product ideation model resulting in 10-15 new ideas per week

Implementing a scalable customer feedback model

By implementing inSided’s Customer Feedback model, Bizzabo streamlined its feedback collection process, increased collaboration with Product, and delivered an ever-improving customer experience to the Bizzabo community.


  • 370 unprompted ideas submitted during first year of implementation
  • Customer feedback tied to ARR using the Salesforce integration for easier prioritization
  • Community team can push ideas to the relevant product owners using the Slack integration

Gainsight’s community-driven product feedback loop

When Gainsight approached us, we were delighted. As a Customer Success Community platform on a mission to improve Customer Success in SaaS, having Gainsight choose us as their community platform further cemented our belief that community is (and always should be) at the heart of Customer Success.


  • In 2019, Gainsight gathered—and implemented—over 70 customer ideas
  • Community at the heart of product development

Cutting Support costs and increasing self-service with an online community

Tre Sweden’s online community is a one-stop-shop where customers share best practices and easily find answers to their most burning questions. It has quickly become a vital element of their Customer Support function.


  • €660,000 annual savings on Support costs
  • 12,400 community questions answered monthly
  • 42,000 monthly community sessions

Increasing customer self-service while maintaining quality support

Extreme Networks adopted a community to drive engagement and boost peer-to-peer support—freeing up valuable time for their Customer Success team. 


  • 91% peer-to-peer support ratio
  • 86% community traffic from organic search
  • 62K community sessions per month

Scaling customer support with a community

Smart software solutions vendor Infoland implemented inSided’s community-powered Help Center to increase engagement and provide better support to their customers.


  • 50% of users are community members
  • Customers respond to 40% of community questions
  • 31% of users now prefer online self-service over contacting agents

Improving customer experience for millions of users

Sonos uses inSided to adopt a peer-to-peer support strategy. Today, their community is the starting point for customer care on multiple digital channels.


  • 40% of customers served by the community
  • 6.5M yearly visits
  • 85% SEO traffic

Facilitating self-service and increasing customer retention

Cybersecurity software company Webroot wanted a community where they could combine user-generated content with their own company content to reduce support costs and increase retention. 


  • 80% peer-to-peer support ratio
  • 60% community traffic from organic search
  • Combined community and knowledge base that powers customer self-service

Cutting support costs with an online community

With a little help from us, T-mobile runs the largest telecom community in the Netherlands. About 40% or all support requests are handled by their community.


  • $4M annual savings on service costs
  • 400K monthly visits
  • 65% of questions answered by customers

A one-stop shop for all customer success

Learn how we use our own inSpired community to stimulate product adoption, engagement and knowledge sharing.


  • 100% of customers regularly visit inSpired
  • +250 ideas submitted to product team
  • 20% of content created by super users

Offering a world-class support experience

KPN delivers mobile, landline, TV, and internet service to millions of customers in Europe and are under constant pressure to deliver a world-class experience.


  • 5M visits annually
  • $4M annual savings on service costs
  • 45% of questions answered by customers

Doing things better, smarter and differently

At Telfort learning from customers is the key focus. Using their community, Telfort improved their products and customer contact, and reduced support calls.


  • €1M annual savings through call reduction
  • 528K visitors find answers on the forum yearly
  • 50% peer-to-peer support

Pioneering customer engagement in the energy sector

How do you get excited about an energy company? This was Eneco’s biggest challenge until they partnered with inSided to jumpstart customer engagement.


  • 40K+ questions answered
  • 35K monthly visitors
  • 5K+ community members

Transforming your community into your number one service channel

At Simyo more customers are assisted through the community than by email or calls. The answers they are given remain accessible to other customers, turning the forum into an ever-growing knowledge bank.


  • €50K monthly savings on service costs
  • 45% of customers served on the forum
  • 23K customers served monthly

Improving service, products and brand advocacy with an online community

The SNS community promotes co-creation with customers, answering questions, and providing a platform for discussion and exchange of news.


  • €500K annual savings from call deflection
  • 25% peer-to-peer support
  • 360K visitors per year

Scaling quality service for 175 million listeners

Soundcloud leverages their 175 million monthly users to provide relevant answers in a highly scalable way and provide great support without increasing their head count.


  • 48% peer-to-peer support
  • 2M yearly visits
  • 82% of traffic via organic search

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