The self-service platform driving customer success

Scale support, increase retention and deliver the best product experience with the inSided platform.

Product features overview

  • Community platform

    One central platform for engagement amongst customers in different categories, user-groups. Promote events, news and back it with advanced gamification.

  • Knowledge base

    Transform your traditional support portal to a Customer Success knowledge base with guides, tutorials, best practices, and user-generated content.

  • In-app embeddables

    Give customers easy access to all relevant knowledge, updates and best practices by offering highly contextual content right inside your product.

  • Product feedback & ideation

    Involve customers in product development by stimulating product ideation, prioritization, beta testing and product discussions.

  • Product communication

    Keep customers informed and updated about new product developments, releases and updates to your roadmap.

Community platform

Because your users are the real experts

In B2B, your users are the greatest source of success. Scale support by letting your users help each other, and feed user expertise straight into your knowledge base and in-product support widgets.

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Provide better answers

Raise the quality of your self-service support by letting your user community answer the questions your team can’t handle themselves

Maintain knowledge easily

Allow users to mark best answers and rate how helpful content really is. Then pin, update or remove content so users can always find what they need

Expand your knowledge

Learn what users are looking for and fill any knowledge gaps. Use search insights to see which help content is missing

Gain user & product insights

Create dialogs amongst users to share experiences and provide valuable feedback to each other as well as to you

Knowledge base

Provide a one-stop shop for your users to get the answers to their burning questions and share their own expert knowledge with the community.

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Fast & smart search

Get the right content to your users faster with smart search suggestions and articles organized into categories and sections

Combine the power of support staff and users

Combine your company’s support materials with community generated answers and best practices — all in one place

Highlight & prioritize the best content

Pin popular articles and make sure the most helpful answers are at the tip of your users’ fingertips

Search engine optimized content

All your content is completely optimized for Google, so users will find the answers to their questions as soon as they search online

In-app embeddables

Automate and answer user questions right within your own product environment—so no one has to stop what they’re doing and leave your product. Boost product adoption and reduce time to value for new users.

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Never interrupt a user’s workflow

Provide help right on the page where the customer is. No searching or browsing needed.

Display intelligent and context-specific content

Offer highly relevant help suggestions based on what the user is interacting with at any given time

Community answers at your fingertips

Best of both worlds: Users see both company help materials and community generated content in the in-product widget

Increase customer engagement

Engage with your customers while they are using your product. Don’t interrupt them, help them to help themselves.

The inSided platform is user-friendly and an important channel where customers can help each other. Customers search online to answer product and service related questions. Whether they are experiencing a problem or want to change something, it is extremely important that they find what they are looking for.

Onno van der Poel

Managing Director at Telfort

Act on user insights

One centralized feedback hub—and you’re in control

Centralize all your product feedback on one transparent platform and get deep, actionable insights into customer wants and needs.

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A data-driven approach to product development

Combine feedback with CRM data to get maximum ROI from your product development.

Power-up the product development process

Use integrations to further sort and organize feedback on business metrics like and revenue and engagement.

Stress-free feedback management

Easily structure your customer feedback and idea pipeline. Prioritize feature requests based on popularity.

Update your users effortlessly

Create clear, structured product updates and release notes

Beautiful social product updates that live right inside your product. Organize release notes into different sections, e.g. bugs, features, and improvements. Give users a transparent overview of your product communications, all in one place.

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Personalized product updates, delivered in-app

Announce new features contextually, on the relevant pages. Personalize the experience by showing unread messages to individual users.

Keep your user community involved

Receive feedback on your newest releases with user comments and one-click emoji reactions. Embed original user requests and community contributions within your release notes.

All of the benefits, none of the stress:
a powerful SaaS platform.

Advanced community moderator workflows

Get real-time updates on user activity and stay on top of newly created content. Create filters to identify content that needs your immediate attention.

A customer community that fits your brand

A flexible self-service solution — totally configurable to fit your specific needs & branding while maintaining the scalability and frequent updates.

Use real usage data to scale your efforts

User-friendly dashboards display metrics that track community health, monitor content generation, and give insights on member growth and retention.

Future-proof SaaS

Automatically get all new features and updated functionality with no development support needed

Easy integrations

Our powerful API and webhooks integrate smoothly with third parties

SSO and social authentication

Easy single sign on and social authentication — let non logged-in users engage too

Clear pricing model

Choose the right package for your business to get all the features you need and none that you don’t