🚀 Build a branded Online Community

Drive REAL customer engagement, self-service and scale Product Feedback & Ideation

Full-featured Community Platform

Everything you need to build engagement in one central location

  • Product Feedback & ideation functionality
  • Community driven knowledge base capabilities
  • Advanced Q&A and discussions
  • Events & User-groups
  • SSO & Social authentication

Proven business value of Online Communities


More customer engagement


Customer initiated roadmap


More Self-service

Fully Customizable

Branded, without development resources

  • Drag & drop your ideal community setup
  • Adjust colors, fonts & custom CSS for advanced editing
  • Embed music, videos and interactive content (Youtube, Vimeo, Spotify, Typeform, etc)
  • Integrate external sources like status pages, social widgets and forms
  • Add custom HTML e.g. CTA’s, G2 crowd reviews or external announcements

Gamification Engine

Boost engagement and create long-term advocates

  • Award badges based on community & product engagement
  • Give users the ability to like content, or mark as helpful
  • Customer & employee leaderboards to visualize engagement
  • Link your gamification system to external sources (e.g. SWAG benefits)
  • Add a tiered tanking & point system

A truly personalized community experience

Give every customer the experience they deserve

  • Show content based on customer segments & user-roles
  • Different streams for customers, partners and prospects
  • Integrate & use CRM data to personalize the experience
  • Custom user-profiles & properties

The Ultimate Guide to Community Management in B2B

The Ultimate guide to Community Management includes:

  • Your community concept, goals and objectives
  • How to drive user engagement on your community
  • The power of gamification & integrations
  • Launch checklist, moderation, ROI and Gamification

Events & user-groups

Extend your community with events & user-groups

  • Promote your event, and get event registrations
  • RSVP and event management
  • Set up structural engagement around events & targeted user-groups
  • Segment customers & community members into user-groups
  • Integrate with Marketing Automation or CRM software

Advanced moderation capabilities

Ready for bigger teams and advanced workflows

  • Supports cross-functional collaboration for geographically spread teams & departments
  • Use advanced filters to create a personalized content overview for individual moderators and user-roles
  • Advanced user management, custom roles and access management
  • Monitor, edit, move, archive & delete all community content with advanced workflows & editing options

Community Analytics

Deep insights to make data-driven decisions

  • Success dashboards to track content, replies, response rates & peer-to-peer engagement
  • Use post-field analysis to easily assign custom tags to individual posts & run reports
  • User dashboards to track members, registrations, ranks & leaderboards
  • Integrate with popular tooling like Google Analytics, Mixpanel
  • Out of the box API, webhooks & data warehouse support
  • Content dashboards to track topics, replies, likes, content gaps and popular categories

We’re not your average Community vendor

Built for SaaS & Subscription based companies

Our features and thought leadership approach are built specifically for B2B, SaaS and Subscription based companies. You can be sure we’re developing what YOU need.

10+ years experience

We have been building communities for 10+ years. Our platform is enterprise grade, and we have a Customer Success team with 10+ years of best practices to support you.

Integrated in your tech stack

A community can’t be siloed. We provide deep integrations within your existing tech stack. E.g. Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Gainsight, Jira & others.

Tried & tested customizable UX

Any platform should be intuitive, a destination for the many—not the few. Our drag & drop platform makes it happen.