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Kickstart your community

Deliver value and impact

Achieve ROI objectives

Upskill your team

inSided has great customer focus. Acting as a true partner; willing to go the extra mile. Best vendor partnership ever!

Kenneth Refsgaard

Senior Manager, Digital Care at SONOS

Kickstart your community

Realize immediate community growth with your existing user base in just 6 weeks

  • Content creation: We help you identify relevant content topics, create a content calendar and develop your first pieces.
  • Drive traffic: We help you integrate across your digital channels, and show you how to increase organic traffic with SEO-friendly content.
  • Establish brand advocates: We give you practical advice on engaging with potential super users, as well as user activation tactics to increase members, engagement and activity levels.

Deliver value and impact

Make sure your community is as successful as possible with our expert guidance

  • Health checks: We help you set and measure KPIs by creating benchmarks and dashboards that track indicators like engagement, activity, and sentiment.

  • Best practices: Learn from inSided’s best practices, get practical advice and lay out concrete actions to stay on track with your goals.

  • Continuous growth: We show you clear areas for improvement and get you started with initiatives that drive ROI.

Achieve ROI objectives

We go the extra mile to help you reach your community goals

  • Build strong strategies: We always make sure you are on the right track with your strategy.

  • Expert benchmarking: With detailed insights into the community performance of other brands we compare the effectiveness of your platform and recommend corrective actions when necessary.

  • Business reviews: We proactively deep-dive into your community performance data and equip you with clear action points to make sure you reach your KPIs.

Upskill your team

Build a world class community team with the help of our Customer Success Managers

  • Training and resources: Full access to our inSpired community showcasing top how-to articles, best practices, and instructional videos.

  • Dedicated support: Effectively analyze, optimize and evaluate your community performance with the help of our experts.

  • inSided events: Attend our annual inSpired conference, participate in informal meet-ups and webinars, and suggest/vote for ideas on our community ideation board.

Great platform, easy to use and a great team to help you achieve your business goals. Take advantage of their experience and skills to launch or developer a community from scratch.

Tomás Mouton

Community Manager, NOS

See how we work

Discover how inSided helps leading brands create and sustain effective online

Improving customer experience for millions of users

Sonos uses inSided to adopt a peer-to-peer support strategy.  Today, their community is the starting point for customer care on multiple digital channels.


  • 40% of customers served by the community
  • 6.5M yearly visits
  • 85% SEO traffic

Facilitating self-service and increasing customer retention

Cybersecurity software company Webroot wanted a community where they could combine user-generated content with their own company content to reduce support costs and increase retention. 


  • 80% peer-to-peer support ratio
  • 60% community traffic from organic search
  • Combined community and knowledge base that powers customer self-service

Cutting support costs with an online community

With a little help from us, T-mobile runs the largest telecom community in the Netherlands.  About 40% or all support requests are handled by their community.


  • $4M annual savings on service costs
  • 400K monthly visits
  • 65% of questions answered by customers

Free Community Management Guide

Get a sneak peek of our community expertise:


  • How to reach out, connect with and motivate community members
  • How to drive user engagement on your community
  • How to truly measure the impact and ROI of your community
  • PLUS your launch checklist, moderation tips and tricks, gamification strategies and more