inSpired Community

inSpired is our very own community — one-stop shop for all customer success — available to all inSided customers

How inSided’s own Self-service Community makes customers more successful

Learn how our own inSpired community, stimulates product adoption, engagement and knowledge sharing

Scale customer support

We’ve scaled our own customer support by deflecting common questions

Boost customer success

We’ve boosted our product adoption (and customer success rates!), feedback and customer engagement

Enhance customer experience

We’ve delivered a rich, seamless support experience through embeddable widgets


83% of our customers regularly visit the inSpired community

The community empowers our customers to get in touch with each other and learn from best practices. Our three most active customers have created over 20% of the content, helping others by sharing their rich community experience.

Customers drive product development by submitting and upvoting ideas and feature requests. More than 250 ideas have been submitted and around 10% is picked up immediately by our product team.

All new features and product updates can be found in the ‘News’ section. Our customers are always up-to-date and can easily react to it. On average, product updates from our Product Owners get over five replies and a few hundred fews.

Knowledge base

1/3 of all sessions on inSpired include a visit to the official knowledge base

The knowledge base is home to our product guides, tips and tricks, and expert advice. Around one third of all sessions include a visit to the knowledge base, deflecting repeat questions from our customer support and customer success managers.

Combining our knowledge base with the community enables us to scale the creation and management of knowledge – 40% of our official product ‘how to’ articles have a reply from the community.

Our Customer Success
Onboarding is a breeze through the ‘Getting Started’ section (e.g. “The 10 biggest mistakes to avoid after launching your community”).  Customers also share their own strategies and tactics to get the most out of our platform.

Embeddable widgets

10% of support content views on inSpired come via users getting help directly within our product

We’ve integrated our embeddable widgets within our own SaaS platform’s admin environment, where customers can access rich analytics dashboards, content/user moderation tools, platform configuration and more!

We use the widgets to deliver relevant content and push useful tips and tactics to new users, delivering a mixture of curated and contextually-driven content to each page in our SaaS application.

Thanks to the widgets we saw a 7% increase in traffic to our knowledge base articles and better answers. These users got the help they needed where and when they needed it – without having to leave the page! Visit the inSpired Community.

More case studies by inSided

Discover how leading brands use online conversations and customer communities to improve their business & influence customer experience.

Scaling quality service for 175 million listeners

Soundcloud leverages their 175 million monthly users to provide relevant answers in a highly scalable way and provide great support without increasing their head count.


  • 48% peer-to-peer support
  • 2M yearly visits
  • 82% of traffic via organic search

Offering a world-class support experience

KPN delivers mobile, landline, TV, and internet service to millions of customers in Europe and are under constant pressure to deliver a world-class experience.


  • 5M visits annually
  • $4M annual savings on service costs
  • 45% of questions answered by customers

Scaling customer support with a community

Smart software solutions vendor Infoland implemented inSided’s community-powered Help Center to increase engagement and provide better support to their customers.


  • 50% of users are community members
  • User community answers 40% of new questions
  • 31% of users now prefer online self-service over contacting agents