Case study: Infoland

Software vendor Infoland successfully scales customer support with the help of its own community


of Infoland users have signed up to join the customer community


Infoland users have created new topics in the knowledge base in the past half year


topics produced by the company’s support and product team

Infoland, a vendor of smart software solutions for quality and risk management, has implemented inSided’s community platform to increase engagement and provide better support to its customers.

Infoland provides quality and risk management software that allows users to work smarter, safer, and more efficiently. Every day, about 350,000+ people use their software across 500+ organizations.

But Infoland’s ambitions do not stop here. Infoland enjoys a steep growth pathplanning to achieve 15 million end users across the globe by 2030. But as many software businesses experiencewith growth comes growing pains. Infoland enjoys very high ratings for its customer support. In order to achieve their growth goals, Infoland needed to efficiently scale their user support offering to provide high quality support, without increasing the size of their support department.

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Customer Success initiatives

Infoland implemented inSided’s community platform and began focusing on 4 initiatives:

1. Build a user community to drive engagement – they launched their customer community at their annual user event and invited all users to participate and exchange knowledge and ideas.

2. Make their community platform the central destination for support – in the past, support was provided primarily through the support desk and a knowledge base. Infoland is now making their knowledge articles available on inSided’s community, creating a single support destination that combines company created knowledge base articles and community created articles, making it so much easier for their users to find the answer to their questions.

3. Implement in-product support on all 3000 pages of its product suite – thanks to the inSided platform’s in-product support, Infoland users get support right in their software—where the most relevant topics are helpfully pre-selected for each page. The in-product support functionality is replacing all current help functionality and therefore creating one single repository for all users.

4. Make inSided’s community platform accessible to their service desk agents – in-product support is also integrated with Infoland’s service desk system, Zendesk. This allows support agents to see if there are any related questions or answers in the community when they are resolving complex user issues.


Just 6 months after go-live, Infoland is already seeing these benefits:

  • Increased engagement with their users. Almost 50% of Infoland’s users have signed up to join the customer community. These users now answer 40% of all new questions that other users ask. And people work together: on average, five users participate in discussions, providing additional details to the question, or helping to formulate the right answer.
  • Extended the knowledge base with the help of their users. In the past half year, Infoland users have created 130 new topics in the knowledge base. This is additional to the 116 topics produced by the company’s support and product team.
  • Shifted preferred channel of support from support desk towards self-service. When Infoland recently surveyed its customers, they saw that only 38% of customers prefer to get their answer via the service desk, with the preference for online self-service rising to 31% (of which 15% is from the existing knowledge base and 16% from the newly launched community. This shift towards users opting for self-service is expected to continue, and Infoland has done a great job of setting their support function up for the future. 

We were already known for our high quality support, and that is something we want to keep providing, even with the high growth that we are experiencing now. With inSided, our customers can get excellent self-service with the help of their peers. This enables our support team to focus on the more complex requests and create new valuable content. Our efficiency and effectiveness increased significantly!

Hiewwaiy Kwok

Community Manager at Infoland

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