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Knowlege base

A knowledge base that is ALWAYS up to date, 24/7

Maintaining a knowledge base in B2B can be a hassle. Handle the workload by combining your company knowledge, with that of your users

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Traditional knowledge bases or FAQs are the dinosaurs of the web. Not intuitive, no fast answers, and more often than not far from the most frequently asked questions by customers.

Gerry Mcgovern
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Centralize your knowledge and publish it in any channel, on your website or directly in your product where your customers need it most.



Get the right answers to your users faster with smart search suggestions and articles organized into categories and sections.

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Combine your company’s support materials with community generated answers and best practices — all in one place.

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Prioritize for answers. Track and pin popular articles and make sure the most helpful answers are at the tip of your users' fingertips.



Push the right self-service content, on your support page or in your product, app.

Organize questions, answers, documentation and rich content in one central place, and push it to your customers in the right place, at the right time.

Quickly create and publish content anywhere

Streamline your publishing workflow, efficiently edit, and easily keep track of content usage. Publish content anywhere on your website, or in your product.

User onboarding

Get new users started quickly by offering them all the tools they need to optimally start using your product.

Easy user management

Create visible and invisible user groups, grant or deny access to users and manage writing and editing rights for specific members or groups of the community.



Knowledge management & support shouldn't be a hassle. Let our software get you up to speed quickly.

Don't focus on processing tickets, focus on deflecting them. Use smart search and contextual support to quickly answer the questions of your users before they feel the need to contact you in the first place.

Contextual support

Get your customers the right answers when it matters most: as they are using your product. Suggest or curate content based on their behavior and track results.

Smart search

Offer highly relevant help suggestions based on what the user is interacting with at any given time.

Discover trends

Discover & analyze trends. Learn what your users are looking for, optimize your content accordingly and leverage your community to make sure all important topics are covered.

inSided community powered knowledge base


Combine company and community content

Leverage your expert users for more and better answers. Build a customer support platform where users answer questions and give support that’s out of your team’s scope. Feed user expertise straight into your help center and your in-product support widgets.

A knowledge base that's never out of date

Allow users to write content, mark best answers and rate how helpful content really is. Then pin, update or remove content so users can always find what they need.

Expand and grow your knowledge base

Learn what users are looking for and fill any knowledge gaps. Use search insights to see which help content is missing.

Provide more answers with your users' help

Offer better self-service support by letting your customer community answer the questions your team can’t handle themselves.



Optimize for answers, not questions

There's no need to manage tickets when you can deflect them altogether. Track, analyze & pin popular articles, support users during onboarding and make sure the most helpful content is always at your users' fingertips. 

Quickly view content performance

Discover where the most successful content is being created, what different types of content users are generating and which pieces are the most helpful

User feedback and insight analysis

Tag and analyze user-generated content to provide deep user insights to product development, marketing, and customer success teams

Search engine optimized content

All your content is completely optimized for Google, so users will find the answers to their questions as soon as they search online

All benefits, no stress. A powerful SaaS solution.

SaaS software solution

Future-proof SaaS solution

Automatically get all new features and updated functionality with no development support needed.

Software that integrates with most common platforms

Easy integrations

Our powerful API and webhooks integrate smoothly with third parties.

SSO and social authentication

SSO and social authentication

Easy single sign on and social authentication — let non logged-in users engage too.

Clear subscription pricing no surprises

Clear pricing, no surprises

Choose the right package for your business to get all the features you need and none that you don’t.