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Update your users effortlessly

Beautiful social product updates that live right inside in your product.

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How Gainsight get the most from their community
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Create clear, structured product updates and release notes

  • Create updates easily with our rich WYSIWYG editor.
  • Organize release notes into different sections, e.g. bugs, features and improvements.
  • Give users a transparent overview of your product communications, all in one place.

Personalized product updates, delivered in-app

  • Communicate with your customers as they use your product.
  • Announce new features contextually, on the relevant pages.
  • Personalize the experience by showing unread messages to individual users.

For Product Managers, we wanted to make it easier to see the posts that they care about, and take quick action such as commenting and updating idea statuses.

Lila Meyer Gainsight inSided Product Feedback

Lila Meyer

Director of Product Education and Community at Gainsight

Keep your user community involved

  • Receive feedback on your newest releases with user comments and one-click emoji reactions.
  • Embed original user requests and community contributions within your release notes.
  • Credit your product and engineering colleagues—as well as customers—with user tags.
How Gainsight use the inSided community for product feedback and communication_1

eBook: How Gainsight gets the most from their community

Find out how Gainsight uses their community to:
  • Effectively close the product-user feedback loop

  • Communicate product updates effectively to their users

  • Act on user insights to build a customer-centric product


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