The self-service platform driving customer success

Scale support, increase retention and deliver the best product experience with the inSided platform.

The ingredients for efficient customer success:

  • Community platform
  • Knowledge base
  • In-product support
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Community platform

Because your users are the real experts

In B2B, your users are the greatest source of success. Scale support by letting your users help each other, and feed user expertise straight into your knowledge base and in-product support widgets.

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Provide better answers

Raise the quality of your self-service support by letting your user community answer the questions your team can’t handle themselves


Maintain knowledge easily 

Allow users to mark best answers and rate how helpful content really is. Then pin, update or remove content so users can always find what they need


Expand your knowledge

Learn what users are looking for and fill any knowledge gaps. Use search insights to see which help content is missing


Gain user & product insights

Create dialogs amongst users to share experiences and provide valuable feedback to each other as well as to you

Knowlege base

Knowledge base

All the help and guidance your customers need to be successful

Provide a one-stop shop for your users to get the answers to their burning questions and share their own expert knowledge with the community.

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Fast & smart search

Get the right content to your users faster with smart search suggestions and articles organized into categories and sections


Combine the power of support staff and users

Combine your company’s support materials with community generated answers and best practices — all in one place


Highlight & prioritize the best content

Pin popular articles and make sure the most helpful answers are at the tip of your users' fingertips


Search engine optimized content

All your content is completely optimized for Google, so users will find the answers to their questions as soon as they search online


In-product support

Take customer success to the next level

Automate and answer user questions right within your own product environment—so no one has to stop what they're doing and leave your product. Boost product adoption and reduce time to value for new users.

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Never interrupt a user’s workflow

Provide help right on the page where the customer is. No searching or browsing needed.


Display intelligent and context-specific content

Offer highly relevant help suggestions based on what the user is interacting with at any given time


Community answers at your fingertips

Best of both worlds: Users see both company help materials and community generated content in the in-product widget


Increase customer engagement

Engage with your customers while they are using your product. Don't interrupt them, help them to help themselves.

The inSided platform is user-friendly and an important channel where customers can help each other. Customers search online to answer product and service related questions. Whether they are experiencing a problem or want to change something, it is extremely important that they find what they are looking for.


Onno van der Poel

Managing Director at Telfort

Simple management

Increase customer success productivity with easier community management

The easy-to-use moderation tool offers a simple way to activate your community and engage with expert users. Make use of advanced moderator workflows, user management systems and CRM integrations to truly scale user insight & product adoption.


Quickly create and publish content

Streamline your publishing workflow, efficiently edit, and easily keep track of content usage


Advanced community moderator workflows

Get real-time updates on user activity and stay on top of newly created content. Create filters to identify content that needs your immediate attention


Easy user management

Create visible and invisible user groups, grant or deny access to users and manage writing and editing rights for specific members or groups of the community


Rich analytics

Use real usage data to scale your efforts

Make data-driven decisions to improve customer success efforts. User-friendly dashboards display global metrics that track community health, monitor content generation, and give insights on member growth and retention.


Community success dashboard

How successful is your community? Detect changes within seconds to see if you are on track to achieve your goals


User engagement tracking

Identify the top performers on your community, easily see new registrations and review ranks and badges


User feedback and insight analysis

Tag and analyze user-generated content to provide deep user insights to product development, marketing, and customer success teams

Quickly view content performance

Quickly view content performance

Discover where the most successful content is being created, what different types of content users are generating and which pieces are the most helpful


Simple customization

A customer success platform that fits your brand

A flexible self-service solution — totally configurable to fit your specific needs & branding, while maintaining the scalability and frequent updates of a true SaaS solution.


A customized help center that fits your needs

Configure and personalize your help center. Structure categories and sections from a simple to use interface

A help center destination that reflects your brand

A help center destination that reflects your brand

Create the perfect look and feel for your help center with easily customizable themes that give you full control

Experience a quick and easy integration

Quick and easy integration

Easily configure and install the help center and in-product support. No developers required

All of the benefits, none of the stress: a powerful SaaS platform

Future-proof SaaS

Future-proof SaaS

Automatically get all new features and updated functionality with no development support needed

Easy integrations

Easy integrations

Our powerful API and webhooks integrate smoothly with third parties

SSO and social authentication

SSO and social authentication

Easy single sign on and social authentication — let non logged-in users engage too

Clear pricing model

Clear pricing model

Choose the right package for your business to get all the features you need and none that you don’t