inSided vs. Lithium

Product comparison

Lithium community

This is what a community looks like on Lithium

It prompts you to search rather than contribute to the discussion. Is it engaging? 

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inSided community platform

This is a community built by inSided

Neatly organized and welcoming. It's also equipped with embeddable widgets.

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Lithium customers constantly approach us for a better solution.

Here are some reasons they prefer inSided:

No IT needed

There's no need to use up precious development time with our SaaS solution.

No hidden costs

Set up your community with no hidden costs. Get the best value at inSided.

True partnership

We'll help you reach your business goals, even after implementation.

Effortless migration

We're known for quick, smooth migrations. Just ask our customers.

Community platform

Our platform provides a central place for customers to start conversations, ask questions, share ideas and post articles. Organize your community into topics and allow members to join the best answers.


Content distribution

Your community content shouldn’t be siloed. Customers should find the right answers on any of your digital channels. Good thing our embeddable widgets are extremely easy to set up and easy to integrate.


True SaaS

Quick implementation, low costs. Our platform is 100% SaaS and easy to configure. Enjoy quicker time to market without having to worry about extra development resources or hidden costs. You can even get started today.


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annual savings

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NPS points

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See improved results in 6-12 weeks.

Communities that switched to experienced a 25% increase in community activity. We do this all the time so expect a secure and speedy migration. No online community yet? Starting one is easy. 

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I'm 100% satisfied about working together with insided. They are a strong partner on both strategic and tactical levels. I'm also happy with their always critical eye.


Marc van den Boom, SNS Bank

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