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Gather product feedback, get insights into customer needs, and communicate your roadmap on one transparent platform.

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The smarter way to build SaaS products

As your customer base and communication channels grow, gathering feedback and driving adoption of new features gets tougher. Involve your customers at every stage of the roadmap process using inSided.

Understand and deliver exactly what your customers want

  • Put customer input at the core of your decision-making process.
  • Ask for feedback and keep users up-to-date on new releases all on one platform.

Gather feedback efficiently

  • Managing customer feedback is hard and it often comes from many different channels. It's time to connect with your customers in one centralized feedback portal where you are in control.
  • Allow customers to vote on ideas, invite users to join beta tests and encourage product ideation.
The inSided platform gives us a forum for hearing from our customers: what their pain points are, what their needs are, the specific use cases or business challenges that they're working through in their own words... it allows us to better understand the relative importance or popularity of specific requests. And then in turn we get to show our customers that we're listening to their feedback and responding to it.
Lila Meyer

Lila Meyer

Director of Product Education and Community at Gainsight

Make data-driven decisions

  • Don't base your product updates on gut feeling. Combine customer feedback with usage data to make sure customers get maximum ROI from your product.
  • Use our Gainsight and Salesforce integrations to tie feature requests to revenue data to make sure you prioritize the most valuable ideas.

Communicate effortlessly with customers

  • Close the feedback loop by sharing updates such as feature releases, ideation reviews, product roadmap changes, and more in one centralized place.
  • Keep customers updated on submitted ideas and explain what you're working on, and why. Allow customers to subscribe to product updates so they never miss a thing.
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eBook: How Gainsight gets the most from their community

Discover how Gainsight uses their community to:
  • Effectively close the product-user feedback loop

  • Communicate product updates effectively to their users

  • Act on user insights to build a customer-centric product


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