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inSided joins Gainsight’s Solutions Marketplace in a brand new category

Imagine a world where community data and customer success data can easily come together to give you a beautiful, holistic overview of your customers’ engagement, health and sentiment levels… well, imagine no more, because with inSided’s Certified Gainsight integration, this data is now at the touch of a button for Gainsight and inSided users.

We are extremely excited to be the first community vendor on Gainsight’s Solutions Marketplace—creating a new category for Community as more and more SaaS businesses realize the value of user communities for Customer Success.  

Because Gainsight’s own customer community runs on the inSided platform and we’ve worked closely with them on this project, we were already synced on which community data is truly important for Customer Success teams to gather and prompt actions from. 

Customers utilizing Gainsight’s industry-leading Customer Success software can now see community data from their inSided platform, helping them to:

Drive Engagement & Advocacy

Gain a holistic view of the customer with community data that measurably helps improve engagement & identify advocates to participate in activities that fuel growth based on references

Gather Product Feedback & Insights

Drive product insights through ideation. Community data helps to get feedback from your users, and helps you make sure your development roadmap is heading in the right direction


Offer Self-Service & Community Support

Use community data to give your users the tools they need to use your product best; from Q&A, to sharing best practices or reading tips & tricks from expert users

inSided’s community data + Gainsight’s customer success solution = a holistic approach to gathering customer feedback, the ability to learn from their behaviors, and the ability for CSMs to focus on the right data (and customers) at the right time.

The certified community integration enables Customer Success teams to easily encourage self-service options to users and promote peer-to-peer customer participation and engagement. 

GS Solutions Marketplace mockupSpeaking of data—what will you be able to see?

This integration connects all community members and their community activity to a Contact and Company inside Gainsight’s solution, so that all the relevant customer data from the inSided community is brought into the right place(s).  

Built to complement Journey Orchestrator and start from the very beginning of a customer’s onboarding process right through to their account renewal, the integration includes built in calls-to-action, email templates and reports to help customers get started with and stay active in the community through every step of the customer journey. 

Aggregate the data to view trends in your community, flag when a customer’s community participation has dropped, and easily present product feedback from a Customer Success perspective.

Automate CTAs whilst carefully taking into account readiness risks, habit-risks, and product-risks.

Customize your community health score and include inSided data in other customized health scores across your Gainsight product.

inSided’s Gainsight integration is available to all Gainsight customers, and with an easily accessible How To guide built right into Gainsight’s Solutions Marketplace, everything you need get started is just a couple of clicks away. 

Stay tuned as we roll out more updates to continually optimize this exciting integration with Gainsight’s product suite!

To learn more about how Gainsight are using their customer community to gather product feedback and facilitate ideation, check out our Q&A with Lila Meyer, Director Product Education and Community at Gainsight.