eBook: The Business Value of Online Communities

Find out how using your community of customers can drive value and help you scale your customer success function

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Ready to learn how customer communities can have a positive impact across your entire customer journey?

Communities are powerful drivers of cultural change. Utilising a self-service community brings true scalability to your company and lets you achieve results that will outperform a standard Customer Success team. In this eBook we take a look at some of the pre- and post-purchase benefits and value drivers leading brands and small companies alike see when they start to leverage the power of their crowd.

Download this eBook and discover:
  • How and why communities add value across the customer lifecycle

  • How the per-user value of a community increases with time

  • Key strategies to making peer-to-peer support a success

High-performing brands with mature communities see a peer-to-peer support ratio of between 40 percent and 60 percent. Some of the best communities achieve 65% peer-to-peer support — that’s 65% of customer questions being answered by non-employees!

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