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Integrations:  Create next-level community success

What’s one thing all SaaS companies have in common? You guessed it, they all use a lot of software! Chances are you can’t even count the number of tools your organization uses off the top of your head.

We all have those tools that we could do without, or that are only really useful when they are used in conjunction with others. Then there are the software tools that, when integrated, really provide next-level value for your organization, and your customers.

Basically, if you’re in SaaS, you are no doubt crazy about integrations. There are two main reasons why you have every right to be:

1. Integrations make sure you are getting the most out of the software in your tech stack.

2. They simply make your life easier.

One of our ultimate goals as a company is to improve the customer experience for all of our users.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that integrations are one of the most important things that help us on our way to doing this.

From streamlining workflows, to gathering data, to improving communication—integrations help you, and your customers everyday. We have a whole host of integrations, from Slack to Salesforce to Gainsight, all aimed at boosting community success and making your customers happier.

Here we’ll run through a couple of examples, showcasing how they bring you tangible business value.  

inSided’s Gainsight integration


Our integration with Gainsight aims to give you a full 360 degree view of your customer.

But what does that really mean?

Well, when you combine Gainsight with your inSided community you unlock crucial customer engagement and sentiment data that allows you to quickly and easily assess the happiness of your customers. You can add community data to your overall customer health scoring and develop custom CTAs based on customer lifecycle stage.

Not only can this give an early indication of those customers who might be likely to churn, it allows you to proactively reach out to your least active customers—increasing product adoption and ensuring customers get the most from your product.

Here are a couple of examples of community metrics you can track with our Gainsight integration and the actions you might want to take as a result. First up, you can track the number of registrations on the community taken during the onboarding process, allowing you to identify key stakeholders who should be on the community:

Or, maybe you want to track who hasn’t been active on the community in the last 30 days and proactively reach out to them, in which case this dashboard is ideal: 

The integration is available on Gainsight’s Solutions marketplace where we have also included playbooks to guide you through the configurable setup.

Integrate inSided with Salesforce

Aside from also providing you with vital customer engagement data, on both a company and an account level, our integration with Salesforce is ideal for helping you prioritize customer feedback.

You no doubt have a process for gathering customer feedback and ideas, but it can be hard to synthesize all the data and help your product team decide what should—and shouldn’t—be included on your roadmap.

That’s where our Salesforce integration comes in handy.

inSideds SF Integration-big-1

Unlocking your Community Data: Integrate inSided and Salesforce

Download our eBook now to find out how integrating inSided with Salesforce boosts your Customer Success. 


It allows you to discover the top ideas on the community based on customer ARR or engagement metrics, enabling you to provide concrete business cases to your Product Managers. All of this community data can be segmented on any Account or Contact property in Salesforce. Drill down into data based on industry, company size, customer lifetime value, or any segment you like. This gives your product team context to better understand the value of ideas submitted on the community.

Here’s an example of the ideation dashboard in action: 

SFDC Ideation Filters

As you can see, we are intent on making sure you can get the most from your community and all the data it has to offer with our integrations. To discover a whole host of other integrations we have, from Google Analytics to Zapier to Slack and more, download our inSided integrations cheat sheet!

Is there an integration we are missing? What integrations do you use everyday? Get in touch and let us know, we’d love to hear from you! 

integrations cheat sheet

Cheat Sheet: inSided’s integrations

Find out how integrations can take your community success to the next level.