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inSided customer success community slack integration


Slack integration

Connect Slack to your inSided community to send notifications to your channels, or redefine your workflow by engaging your community from your Slack workspace directly

Why integrate with Slack?

  • Set up community notifications
  • Reply to community topics from Slack
  • Customizable workflow & role-based engagement

inSided & Slack

Slack revolutionized the way workers communicate. Do you use Slack to communicate with colleagues? Don't change! Connect your community to your Slack workspace and make community engagement and tasks a breeze within your existing processes.

Key features

  • Set up community notifications in pre-defined Slack #channels. Get notified quickly about new posts, topics or ideas generated on your customer community.

  • Reply to community posts, topics or product ideas directly from your Slack workspace.

  • A fully customizable integration to meet your customer success or support team’s needs. For example, create dedicated custom emojis for community authors to send via a Slack reply 🥳

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inSided Slack integration for Customer Success and SaaS

About Slack

Slack replaces email inside your company

Instead of a single overstuffed inbox, conversations in Slack happen in dedicated spaces called channels to keep things quick and organized.

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