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inSided's Customer Success Community Gainsight integration


Gainsight integration

Gain a holistic customer view, see historic activity & trends data and measurably improve your community engagement

Why integrate with Gainsight?

  • Build automated flows to promote community engagement
  • Add community data to your 360° customer layout & health scoring

inSided & Gainsight

By integrating inSided's customer success community with Gainsight, you will gain a holistic customer view to measurably improve your community engagement, promote further customer self-service, and drive product insights through ideation and customer feedback.

Key features

Set up automated flows

Set up specific automated flows to promote customer engagement.

For example: A reminder for a customer to sign up to the community, or notifications that flag sudden customer inactivity or a change in community behavior

Track your customer's activity

Add community data to your customer 360° layout in Gainsight. View activity data (visits, posts, topics, new ideas etc) and trends on a customer level. Include them in health scores to better track and respond to any changes in behavior.

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eBook: How Gainsight gets the most from their community

Discover how Gainsight uses their community to:

  • Effectively close the product-user feedback loop

  • Communicate product updates effectively to their users

  • Act on user insights to build a customer-centric product


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inSided Gainsight Customer Success Community integration

About Gainsight

Customer Success Software

The Gainsight Customer Cloud brings together all the technology you need to ensure your customers easily adopt your products and achieve their desired outcomes with your company.

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