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Customer engagement inSided community platform for customer success

Customer engagement: a SaaS business superpower!

Engaged customers are loyal customers, and loyal customers are good for your bottom line. Beat their expectations and create champions for your business.

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Transform the way you and your customers engage.

Deliver memorable, positive, and personalized experiences with a Customer Success community.

Boost engagement & customer success

  • Easily connect users with their peers and your organization, for fast answers and inspiration
  • Let users share best practices in an open, secure forum, where they talk openly with trusted peers
  • Enable users to help each other—on a one-to-many basis—reducing support tickets by up to 50%
  • Provide product news and feature updates and engage in helpful dialogues with your customers.
  • Use your online community to publish and promote an event to your user base, while keeping the conversation going long after the event is over.

Build customer loyalty & advocacy

  • Show your customers you care. Capture their concerns and actively help them
  • Prove that you value your users’ time. Let them quickly find answers themselves (and deliver answers before questions are asked)
  • Use gamification to capture inspiration and shine a spotlight on your expert users
  • Let your customers contribute to—and vote on—your product vision, and build the product they need

Fully integrated

  • Integrate with Customer Success solutions like Gainsight to create a 360-degree view of the customer, including support and community behavior
  • Integrate with tools like Salesforce, Mixpanel & Zapier to provide insight into engagement, behavior and sentiment at account and contact level
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eBook: How to Keep and Grow Your Customers


Get the eBook and find out:

  • How to boost customer engagement and drive retention

  • Three simple ways to facilitate customer self-service

  • What tools you need to have in your Customer Success tech stack

  • How integrations take your Customer Success to the next level


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Unlock customer engagement data

  • Salesforce integration allows you to associate the individual community member with the Contact Account, so you can aggregate engagement data about the company as well as the user.
  • Understand which customers are interacting with community content, what they are finding useful (or not) and how recently they have been active in your community.
  • Identify gaps in your success content while easily tracking which customers might need extra guidance or support.

We use community as a tool for gathering customer input on the product, as well as helping our Support and CSM teams to scale, by increasing our customer’s ability to self-serve.

Lila Meyer Gainsight Community Manager inSided Customer Success Community

Lila Meyer

Director Product Education and Community

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