inSided: The community platform for consumer products & services

Improve the customer experience and scale support with an online community

A community platform built for Telcos


Reduction in service costs


Peer-to-peer support


Increase in organic traffic

Improve customer experience while reducing support costs

Enjoy all the benefits of an enterprise grade community platform: advanced moderator workflows, rich content, CRM integrations and backend systems.

Drastically increase customer self-service

Identify the best answers from expert customers. Store them in a dynamic and growing knowledge base so customers can easily find answers and you never have to respond to the same question twice.

Create a trustworthy, user-generated knowledge base that’s always up to date

You’ll be surprised how many customers contribute outstanding tips and how-tos — sometimes even better than your own team.

One SaaS platform that seamlessly matches your brand

Our platform is easily configurable and automatically updates so there are no hidden development costs. We even provide answers to over 40% of incoming support questions, right out of the box.

Sonos: Improving the customer experience for millions of users

Sonos uses their community to increase peer-to-peer support and facilitate self-service. It’s a one-stop-shop for customers who need to find answers quickly and effortlessly. Today their community is the starting point for customer care on multiple digital channels.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 40% of all Sonos users served on the community
  • 6.5m yearly visits to the community
  • 85% of community traffic from organic search

Product highlights

  • Online Community

    Provide a one-stop shop where customers instantly get answers to their burning questions while sharing best practices and expert knowledge.

  • Knowledge base

    Deflect up to 40% of support questions, and measurably improve the customer experience with a central knowledge base that stores your own help content as well as the best answers from your customer community

  • In-app Support

    Give customers easy access to the best answers by offering highly relevant support content anywhere on your site.

Integrate with Support and Analytics tools

  • Build the complete customer picture: Sync and combine community data with business data in Salesforce
  • Streamline your customer support workflow: Escalate tickets and search community content with Zendesk
  • Unlock richer community reporting with Google Analytics
  • Our integrations don’t stop there—combine your community with your favorite tools from Slack to Zapier to Jira and many more…

With inSided, we’re able to run more efficiently while being less reliant on other teams. This is a huge win for us. It’s important to be able to react and make changes as fast as possible in our industry. Everyone at inSided has been great to work with up to this point. We wanted to work with a company that values their customers and view them as true partners—we feel that with inSided.

Drew Frey

Senior Communications Manager at Webroot

Don’t just take it from us

For years inSided has helped telecoms companies reduce service costs and enhance the customer experience. Here’s how we’ve helped:

Facilitating self-service and increasing customer retention

Cybersecurity software company Webroot wanted a community where they could combine user-generated content with their own company content to reduce support costs and increase retention.


  • 80% peer-to-peer support ratio
  • 60% community traffic from organic search
  • Combined community and knowledge base that powers customer self-service

Improving customer experience for millions of users

Sonos uses inSided to adopt a peer-to-peer support strategy. Today, their community is the starting point for customer care on multiple digital channels.


  • 40% of customers served
  • 6.5M yearly visits
  • 85% SEO traffic

Enhancing customer experience and improving service quality

At A1, full focus is on enhancing customer experience and improving support quality. Their community has achieved that for them, plus it generates valuable sales leads.


  • 31% of buyers engage on the community
  • 85% peer-to-peer support
  • 1.5M yearly visits