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inSided powers Gainsight’s Sightline ecosystem with community

Customer Success as a discipline is taking off. Net retention—as leaders in the SaaS world have realized—is the real key lever for growth (and as you’re no doubt aware, acquiring a new customer can be up to 5 times more expensive than retaining an existing one)! The best way to hold onto your customers? Have a proactive Customer Success team that is laser focused on giving your customers everything they need to achieve maximum value from your product.

Of course, to do this, you need the right Customer Success tooling too. It’s fair to say that Customer Success giants, Gainsight, with their entire suite dedicated to helping you improve your customer success offering, can pretty much be accredited with creating the CS industry as we know it today. Just check out their awesome global Customer Success event, Pulse Everywhere, and you’ll see what we mean. But even SaaS industry leaders realize the limitations of a one-product approach. They understand that for true customer success, the power is in the partnerships.

In light of this, inSided is delighted to announce that we are the ONLY community vendor to power Gainsight’s new complete Customer Success ecosystem: Sightline. Sightline is the only community-enhanced customer success technology exchange in the market and is set to take B2B SaaS by storm. On top of the best-in-class array of technology partnerships, the new ecosystem “supercharges the path to value across customer success technologies via Sightline Vault, a one-stop-shop for Gainsight best practices, templates, playbooks, and more, fueled by contributions from Gainsight’s customer community.”

Gainsight’s customer community is the world’s largest group of customer success professionals. Visit their online home, powered by inSided, jam-packed with best practices and engaging conversations that offer real value for your Customer Success department and business as a whole.

What’s more, the Sightline ecosystem will massively reduce the time-to-value Customer Success practitioners are able to achieve with their CS tech stack. On top of this powerful ecosystem, “Customers will benefit from an open-source library of solutions that invites innovative peers, including 34% of Cloud 100 companies, 36% of the PWC Top 100 Software Companies, and 42% of public SaaS companies, to share what they have built to solve business challenges.”

At inSided, our aim is to enable complete Customer Success in B2B SaaS companies and we are immensely proud that this partnership helps us take a step closer to achieving this goal. This unique collaboration allows Gainsight users to gain a holistic customer view, see historic activity & trends data and measurably improve their community engagement. Customers using this integration benefit from increased user engagement levels, the ability to offer scalable self-service and an unrivalled product feedback and ideation process that closes the user-feedback loop in the most effective way possible.

As our CEO, Robin put it:

inSided is delighted to be partnering with Gainsight to enhance the Sightline ecosystem with our powerful and unique community solution. This connection enables Customer Success practitioners to gather deeper customer engagement, health and sentiment insights than ever before—allowing them to proactively manage risk and mitigate churn, for better than ever net retention results.

Robin van Lieshout, CEO & Co-Founder at inSided

As for Gainsight, they too see the great potential in this partnership—here’s what their CEO, Nick Mehta had to say:

As the first complete customer success ecosystem, Gainsight Sightline is helping us pivot the world around the customer, and we’re thrilled that inSided chose to be a part of it…The power of Gainsight’s platform and the technological excellence of inSided makes a great combination to supercharge Customer Success initiatives and build a thriving community.

Nick Mehta CEO, Gainsight

You can head over to Gainsight’s partnership page to learn more about inSided’s integration with Gainsight and how it can help your Customer Success efforts. You can also download our Integrations Cheat Sheet to find out how to get the most from the whole host of integrations we offer—we hope it’s helpful! 

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