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Fired up! Our favorite moments from Pulse Europe 2022

With Pulse Europe 2022 in the rearview mirror (we can’t believe it either!), it’s time to reflect on our top moments from the conference. Robin van Lieshout, founder of inSided, and I are already reminiscing about customer conversations and micro piglets,…

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5 reasons companies STILL invest in Community during an economic downturn

We’ve all been following the impact of the economic downturn we’re experiencing on SaaS companies, our own businesses, and others we use and love.  So far, we’ve seen calls for more efficiency, down rounds, devaluation(s), freezes on hiring across the board,…

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Gainsight completes acquisition of inSided

Amsterdam — January 10, 2022 — Gainsight, the Customer Success company, today announced it has completed its acquisition of the leading Customer Success Community Platform inSided. 

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Between Two Churns with Ashna Patel

Did you miss the arrival of our new interview series Between Two Churns back in October as part of our Halloween campaign? Well, we're back! Less gory, equally horrifying story! This time, told by Ashna Patel, co-founder CS Insider & CS Ladies, and Manager of Customer Success & Customer Support at Ascent Cloud. As always, hosted by our very own Remco de Vries and his impeccably styled hair.

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inSided and Skilljar announce Integration Partnership to Streamline Community and Customer Education

[Amsterdam, Netherlands - January 19, 2021] Today, inSided and Skilljar announced the launch of an integration bridging inSided’s Customer Success Community Platform and Skilljar’s Customer Education Platform. The integration streamlines the exchange of Community, Customer Success, and educational content. Moreover, it supports further development of a comprehensive Customer Education ecosystem for B2B SaaS and subscription-based companies.

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Your CS team is at risk of becoming the “everything department”

In Episode 9 of The inSide Scoop, we talk to Rav Dhaliwal  who describes himself as a “recovering software executive” with over 20 years of management and executive leadership experience in enterprise software. Let's see what Rav has to say about CS constantly being at risk of becoming the ‘everything department’. Don't want to listen this time? We've got you—check out the handy transcript of this interview below. Don't forget to follow The inSide Scoop over on Spotify!  

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Unifying Customer Communities and Education drives Engagement

In our recent webinar with Skilljar and joint customer Glint—or Glint’s Customer Empowerment team, we discussed how combining an online customer community platform and a Customer Education program can deliver serious value for B2B SaaS companies in the form of increased customer engagement and brand advocacy.

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inSided powers Gainsight’s Sightline ecosystem with community

Customer Success as a discipline is taking off. Net retention—as leaders in the SaaS world have realized—is the real key lever for growth (and as you’re no doubt aware, acquiring a new customer can be up to 5 times more expensive than retaining an existing one)! The best way to hold onto your customers? Have a proactive Customer Success team that is laser focused on giving your customers everything they need to achieve maximum value from your product.

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ClickLearn launches new community with inSided

We’re really happy to announce that ClickLearn—market leading e-learning authoring solution—have launched their new community on the inSided platform. To celebrate the launch and find out what tips and tricks they have up their sleeve to get the most from their community we caught up with Per Ferdinandsen, Director of Customer Care at ClickLearn. Here’s how our chat went:

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inSided’s Customer Success Maturity Model on the Practical CSM podcast

Customer Success is a promise of progress. Progress defined by advancing business goals, or achieving customer results. A proactive need to increase value, and create long lasting customer relationships. It's no easy feat, but it's worth the effort in the end. How do you go about achieving this progress, or rather Customer Success? With this question in mind we set out to interview 30+ VPs and Heads of Customer Success. We gathered more and more answers to burning questions, such as:

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Gainsight migrates their community to inSided!

Exciting times! We are absolutely delighted to announce that Gainsight—world leaders in Customer Success (CS)—have migrated their buzzing customer community to the inSided platform. We caught up with Lila Meyer, Director Product Education and Community at Gainsight, to celebrate the launch of their community, get some insights on how they are using it for CS, and find out why they chose inSided as their Customer Success Community platform. Here’s how our Q&A went:Q: Lila, first of all thanks for doing this and congratulations on your new community! Happy?A: Yes! We’ve already received a lot of compliments about how great the new community looks, as well as how the search is so much better, for instance.Q: Briefly: what exactly is Gainsight’s mission, product, and what’s your role at the company?A: Gainsight’s mission as a company is to win in business while being human first. Kind of unique, right? I feel lucky to work for an organization that truly values its employees and considers the impact of its business decisions on all of the stakeholders.

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Breathe new life into your self-service

Earlier this year, inSided was featured in Forrester’s exclusive report, “How to Modernize Digital Customer Self-Service”. In this report, a Forrester Principal Analyst takes readers through three steps to scaling and improving customer experiences for the future. Did you miss out on getting your copy of the report via inSided? Never fear! We’ve put together a round-up of the main report findings, because self-service is the future, and we want to help you nail it!Why is self-service so important?It's no secret that customers are increasingly using self-service as their first point of contact when it comes to customer service and support. 47% expect to find a quick answer to their question online. Good self-service addresses routine requests and questions and allows agents to focus on exceptions and escalations. Over half of Microsoft’s customers said they can’t resolve an issue because there is too little information online!It's also clear that positive self-service experiences lead to more satisfied and engaged customers. With proper self-service, users can get fast answers from people they trust (those that use your product every day). But driving engagement is only the start. The whole point of increased engagement is so that users can get the most value out of your product quickly and easily. This, in turn, means not only are customers using your product to its full potential, they are also in a position to give you feedback on what’s right and what’s not. All of this boosts your customer success, makes users feel like they are really part of your brand, and therefore more likely to stick around. You reduce churn, they maximise the potential of your product. Win-win. Forrester’s report highlights the importance of getting digital self-service capabilities right and helps customer service leaders understand what their tech stack should comprise of in order to power great self-service.

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5 ways to increase P2P support in B2B companies

Great customer support is an essential element of success for every B2B organisation. Any support query coming in is about more than the one-off effect of solving a customer’s problem. In truth, it’s actually about creating (and maintaining) long-lasting relationships between you and your customers. It makes complete sense that the customer experience is one of the most important factors defining that relationship, right? A bad experience in B2B support, more so than in B2C, can definitively break a good relationship (which can be costly), and subsequently a really good one can provide massive value for everyone involved. B2B support ultimately has one more challenge—support queries tend to be more complex, unique and technical. So, how do you scale the resolution of these queries without rapidly growing your support or success team, and how do you keep tabs on the quality of the answers you’re providing so they can be re-used for the benefit of more customers?

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Updated: How Software Vendor Infoland Scales Customer Support With a Community

Six months ago Infoland launched their own customer community which serves as the central hub for interaction with customers, helping to scale customer service and support the company's growth ambitions. We're here with an update on the impact it's already had for Community Manager Hiewwaiy Kwok and CMO René de Jong.

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inSided is GDPR Compliant

You have probably received an absolute ton of GDPR related emails coming from other vendors, and that’s a good thing. Your data should be a priority, and we would like to tell you more about the steps we have taken at inSided to ensure that every individual’s data is safe, and all rights concerning their control over that data are correctly upheld.

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