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Guide: The complete guide to ideation for Product teams

Discover how you can use inSided's Product Feedback and Ideation Modules to collect customer feedback, prioritize feature requests, and build better products.

The complete guide to ideation for Product teams_cover

A guide to collecting customer feedback, ideas, and feature requests from your customers to build better products.

Product teams face a lot of challenges when it comes to collecting customer feedback and acting on ideas. It’s hard to capture all ideas and suggestions in meetings or product sessions with your customers, prioritization is full of bias (the most vocal customers or CSMs are heard) and the long-term product vision makes it hard to add smaller improvements to the roadmap.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the limitations of classic ideation, how to collect, manage, and analyze ideas, what the workflow should look like and how to measure success.

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Download An introduction to ideation: A quick-start guide for Product teams and learn:
  • The limitations of classic ideation

  • Collecting, managing, and analyzing feedback

  • Building the right workflow and cross-team collaboration

  • Measuring success: KPIs for engagement and prioritization

  • Seeing the full picture using integrations

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