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Case study: Extreme Networks

Software vendor Extreme Networks scales support and drives customer engagement with their user community.

  • 91%

    Peer-to-peer support ratio

  • 86%

    Community traffic from organic search

  • 62k

    Community sessions per month

Extreme Networks delivers software-driven solutions from the enterprise edge to the cloud that are agile, adaptive, and secure to enable digital transformation. They have 30,000 customers globally, including half of the Fortune 50.

Why a community?

Delivering quality support to their customers in a scalable way is integral to the overall success of Extreme Networks. Being able to offer 1-to-many support, rather than expending valuable time on 1-1 communication was central to their reasons for starting a community.

They wanted a platform to provide support that’s truly based on the needs of their customers and allows users to easily exchange their learnings and best practices. It was also essential that community topics could be seamlessly integrated across their already existing support site.

Finally, they wanted to grow their community rapidly with an out-of the-box SaaS platform that focuses on continuously adding new features and functionalities. That's why the inSided platform was a perfect fit for their needs.

Visit the Extreme Networks Community.



The Extreme Networks community has seen some very impressive results since its launch. Here's a snapshot of their success: 

  • Peer-to-peer support has skyrocketed. A massive 91% of Extreme Networks' users answer customer questions on the community. Not only does this drastically increase customer self-service, it takes pressure off their Customer Support team and allows them to focus on more pressing issues.  

  • The community sees a lot of traffic. Often, when starting a community, organizations are worried that users won't be active, or even be able to find the community. Extreme Networks prove that this isn't the case. With 62K community sessions per month, the Extreme Networks community is hugely popular. As more and more users prefer to self-serve, traffic to their community continues to grow. 

  • The community is gold for Google search. Extreme Networks' customers easily find answers they are searching for—86% of community traffic comes from organic search.


  • Gamification drives customer engagement on the community. Extreme Networks have official certifications which their clients can earn. On the community they manually award badges to automatically give users a badge for the certification they’ve earned. Not only does this boost engagement, it recognizes expert and certified users on the community and makes them stand out from the crowd. 

We chose inSided to upgrade our customers’ community experience after looking for more features and options for collaboration. The team at inSided has been excellent to work with and are receptive and responsive to feedback. Our customers regularly share compliments about The Hub and its position in our support offering structure and it’s exciting to watch conversations evolve into solutions.

Drew Claybrook

Community Manager at Extreme Networks

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