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Community Summer Camp: Join our educational series on community-led growth

If you’re anything like us, you still have fond memories of being a youngster and going to Summer Camp. Sit ‘round the fire, crafting bracelets, raising the flag and making new friends! While we’re all undeniably older now, there’s no reason we shouldn’t still be able to have a good mature “camp” experience.

That’s why we’re putting on a multi-week Summer Camp-themed educational series on everything community and community-led growth. (Already sold? Sign up here.)

~ANNOUNCEMENT: *Microphone crackling* Calling all community management enthusiasts: Community Summer Camp is now in session!~

This summer, inSided by Gainsight is inviting you to explore and ignite your inner fire for Community-Led Growth. The best part? You don’t need to share a bunk bed or worry about pesky bugs because we’re bringing camp to you from the comfort of your own home.

In the coming weeks, you’ll…

  • Enjoy (bon)fireside chats with special community guests
  • Access special camper guides on community
  • See success stories from companies who rock community
  • Learn from our camp counselors Alistair Field and Julian Lindhorst

Put on your Khaki pants and let’s dive in.

(Bon)fireside chat with community leaders

Catch inSided’s VP of Marketing, Remco de Vries as he sits down by the fire with community leaders like 2022 CMX’er of the year, Katie Ray and BMC Software’s Matt Laurenceau to share trends, best practices, and even customer ghost stories.

In these 30-minute webinars, we’ll explore how to map your community strategy, build a community team and find a that Community software tailored to your needs. Just don’t forget the marshmellows!

Customer talent shows

Remember that one camper with an angelic voice, or crazy moves on the dancefloor? Well, the world of Community has those talents as well!
Meet: inSided’s got talent! Be wowed each week by impressive customer case studies from companies like Copper, Unqork, Sequoia, and more.

See how these teams are rocking their communities and steal their strategies (we won’t tell).

Camp counselor sessions with inSided’s Alistair and Julian

Now’s the time to ask all your burning questions! Join our camp counselors, inSided’s Head of Community Alistair Field and resident CSM Julian Lindhorst, as they sit down side-by-side to braid each other’s hair, and chat through all of your toughest queries about Community, and Community-led Growth.

Camper go-to Guides

These guides are your go-to for everything CLG: establishing a foundation, ownership of work, and what your community growth model should look like.

We broke it all down in these guides so you can stay sharp and informed throughout the summer.

Camping with Remco

After a summer jam-packed with community activities, close out the season with inSided’s VP of Marketing, Remco de Vries alongside a panel of community experts for Camping with Remco: How to Fortify your business with durable growth in tough times.

Although you may not learn how to pitch a tent (because Remco does not know how), this virtual experience is for anyone looking to reinforce their growth strategy with community and fight uncertainty in these challenging economic times. Plus, you get to share that moment with fellow-campers, a community experience by itself.

Don’t miss out on the hottest camp of the season. Re-live those childhood memories with the added benefit of measurable business goals! Sign up below!