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Product update: Introducing our revamped Ideation Module and new Product Updates Module

Our Product team has been hard at work to deliver a better customer experience when it comes to managing product feedback and closing the loop. 

That’s why today, we’re excited to announce our revamped Ideation Module and our brand new Product Updates Module.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from each.

The Ideation Module: Collect, manage, and prioritize customer feedback

Our revamped Ideation Module allows you to put customer needs at the heart of your product development process.

We built this module as a step towards our vision to offer a platform that creates a more tailored experience for you and your customers.

ideationThe Ideation Module gives your customers one centralized place to submit feedback, share ideas, and make feature requests.

With the Ideation Module, you can:

  • Offer customers a seamless experience when posting, voting, and interacting with customer feedback and ideas
  • Streamline feedback management by having all customer feedback in one place
  • Improve collaboration between Customer Success and Product
  • Prioritize feedback by tying it directly to ARR using our Salesforce integration
  • Allow customers to see the status of their feedback in one dedicated place

Revamped, you say? So what’s new?

What’s new?

  • Customization mode – Configure the look and feel and widgets displayed on the ideas landing page.
  • Product Areas – Categorize ideas by Product Area to help you get a better overview of customer needs.
  • Merge ideas – Merge similar ideas to avoid duplicates.
  • Export ideas – Easily export a list of all customer feedback and ideas to a spreadsheet.
  • Dashboard (Beta) – Measure the % votes you’ve delivered.
  • API and webhooks – Use our Ideas API to create new ideas, vote for ideas, update the status of ideas, and more.

The Product Updates Module: Close the loop on customer feedback

PUUsing our new Product Updates Module, you can close the feedback loop between you and your customers by sharing updates such as feature releases, ideation reviews, product roadmap changes, and more in one centralized place.

Here’s what you can do with the Product Updates Module:

  • Create a product update and share it instantly with your entire customer community.
  • View all product updates on a single centralized page.
  • Have a dedicated and customizable overview in your customer community.
  • Allow customers to subscribe to product updates.
  • Assign Product updates to Product Areas (e.g. Product A, Version X, Premium only).
  • Collaborate with coworkers on the perfect product update with draft and preview.

How can I get started?

Ideation Module: Your CSM will handle your transition to the new Ideation Module and plan the migration of your existing ideas to the new module.

Product Updates Module: Start by reading this Get Started with Product Updates guide.

Not a customer? Want to discover how you can utilize a customer community to increase conversion, drive product adoption, and improve retention by putting customer feedback at the core of the customer experience? Get in touch and talk to one of our Product Specialists today.