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New integration: Centralize your customer feedback with inSided and Productboard

Today we’re excited to launch our new Productboard integration to help Community and Customer Success teams create better workflows with Product and make sure no more important insights fall by the wayside.

But before we dive into the integration, why should you use a customer community to collect feedback in the first place?

Using a customer community to collect feedback

It’s hard to capture all the ideas and suggestions that come in across tools and teams. And ultimately, when it’s time to prioritize, decisions are often riddled with bias.

So how can you democratize the customer feedback process and build transparent relationships between Customer Success, Product – and your customers?

The answer is: a customer community.

Because where better to collect customer feedback than in your own backyard? Leverage your customer community to access invaluable insights and feedback along with user-generated ideas and requests.

Collect customer feedback – at scale

Successful customer communities are filled with honest and unprompted feedback. That’s the best kind of feedback you could possibly ask for. No bias, no leading questions, no controlling the narrative. Instead, your customers tell you – on their own accord – about the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to their experience. Plus, there’s also the value of transparency of feedback for the entire customer base. In a community, customers tend don’t submit repetitive feedback as they can see what’s already there. Instead, they discuss best practices, share tips, respond to product updates and bounce ideas off each. All from which you can also gather insights! And let’s not forget about the real advantage here – scale.

Your CSMs and Product Managers won’t have to invest time and resources into collecting enough feedback to arrive at meaningful insights. Instead, that feedback (and plenty of it) will be provided organically in the community. With customer feedback immediately available, Customer Success and Product can focus on working together to make sense of the feedback, prioritize it, and eventually, build a product customers want to use.

What can you do with the Productboard integration?

With our new Productboard integration, you’ll be able to create Productboard notes from community posts if they contain user insights for your product team, such as customer ideas or a pain point shared in a reply. From there, Product Managers can identify valuable insights and link them to related feature ideas, so they’ll be on hand for prioritization. That way, you can keep the community visible as a vital channel of product feedback.

This integration allows you to:

  • Create Productboard notes in just a few clicks from any user-generated content on the community (ideas, questions, conversations, replies).
  • Edit the notes on inSided before you create it, adjusting the title, description, and optionally adding any relevant tags.
  • Centralize all your customer feedback in Productboard and identify valuable to help prioritize the right features

If you’d like to combine this integration with an automated solution then check out our Zap template for automatically creating Productboard notes when inSided idea statuses are updated.

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How Pipefy uses the Productboard integration to centralize customer feedback

We talked to Juliana Spinardi, Community Specialist at Pipefy, to find out exactly how they’re using the Productboard integration and how it allows them to close the feedback gap, and instead – close the feedback loop.

What are your objectives with the integration?
Since we started the Pipefy Community, we noticed we had gaps to resolve. When the suggestions came in from interviews, meetings, or events, our team struggled to centralize the ideas. The Productboard integration allows us to centralize all the feedback and add relevant ideas to the product roadmap. I now can measure comments and feedback on different categories. Meaning, when a customer gives us feedback by commenting on posts about new features, we can now add it to Productboard without losing the comment just because the comment wasn’t made in the Ideation category specifically.

What value does the integration add to your day-to-day/operations?More than just centralizing the content (ideas and feedback), the community team can now work closely with the product team. Syncing with Product Managers was previously an issue for us, one that we solved with this integration.

What are you measuring?
The number of ideas our team implements. 

What has impact has the integration had?
I believe we see two powerful benefits:

  1. We don’t miss ideas and comments anymore. Leaving members with a proper response always bothers me. Involving the product team in the workflow by using the integration with Productboard and Slack channels was game-changing for the community.
  2. Working more closely with the product team and help them see more value in the community. They know our community is a great space to collect feedback and ideas from people using our product every day. 

Want to learn more about utilizing community for product feedback? Join our webinar with Productboard.


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