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eBook: Close the Loop

Improve collaboration between Customer Success and Product and work better together to close the feedback loop.

Ebook: Close the Loop

Discover how Customer Success and Product can work better together, why your customer community should be at the heart of product development, and how you can establish a Customer Success-driven feedback loop.

In order to retain and grow their customer base, companies have to become Customer Success organizations before anything else. This is when customer feedback becomes imperative.

Customer feedback is one of the most powerful tools in your growth arsenal. But unless listened to, and more importantly – acted on – it’s completely useless.


Get your free copy and discover how Customer Success can work better together with Product to close the loop and deliver a better customer experience.

Download Close the Loop and learn:
  • Why Customer Success is the most valuable channel for customer feedback

  • How Product can start thinking like Customer Success

  • How to establish a Customer Success-driven feedback loop

  • How we do ideation at inSided

  • How Gainsight created a community-driven feedback loop

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