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Is Jackie Wogan the strongest woman in CS?

Jackie Wogan does it all.

As the Director of Customer Success at PLT4M, she’s a one-person powerhouse. “I am my own department. I’m the director but I’m really directing myself. I operate on a different scale because it’s just me running the show.”

But it wasn’t always this way.

Back in 2016, Jackie got her start in the CS world as part of Athenahealth’s professional services, working with their onboarding team. Simultaneously, one of the co-founders of PLT4M – who Jackie had known since high school – recruited her to be in their athletic demo videos part-time. Pronounced “platform,” PLT4M is a physical education software solution with video content to demonstrate workouts.

“You could technically say I started in the product. That helped me, right off the bat, to understand what PLT4M was trying to achieve as a company.” Once PLT4M learned Jackie was doing onboarding for another software company, they asked her to come on full-time. Turns out, they were also looking for onboarding help. “And you’re also into fitness and part of the product,” PLT4M told Jackie, “You’re the perfect fit.”

And Jackie was thinking the same thing. “I’m like, ‘Fitness is my passion and I have this experience in CS. This is literally the opportunity for me.’” The rest is history.

Nowadays, as a solo director, Jackie lives on the front lines. Jackie works with customers to empower their students with a fitness education using PLT4M. She’s also part of the coaching staff, teaching and demonstrating proper movement techniques in all of their instructional videos.

She always starts her days with customer communication, ensuring emails get sent out and spending up to two hours doing what she calls manual customer check-ins. Pulling up a list of larger accounts or struggling accounts, Jackie calls to ask these customers, what’s up? Or she may reach out to ones that are successful to identify what’s working. “These conversations are so important. I hear them, know what they’re voicing, know what they’re struggling with and what they’re looking for.”


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