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Integration week: It’s a wrap

Integration Week here at inSided is coming to a close. Let’s take a look at what we’ve learned this week and remind ourselves why it’s important to have an integration strategy for your community in the first place.

On Monday, we kicked off the week by talking about why having an integration strategy is so important. To jog your memory, an integration strategy prevents you from having a reactionary approach to building out your tech stack and buying tools that might not serve you well. And remember, it’s about connecting to existing processes to help create better results for your customers – no need to reinvent the wheel. 

On Tuesday, we proudly announced our new Productboard integration and talked about why should you use a customer community to collect feedback. Plus, we hosted a webinar with Scott Baldwin, Community Lead & Product Evangelist at Productboard, talking about all things community and product. As Scott pointed out, “Often, as companies begin to scale or if the company is already large, we forget to listen. Or there simply aren’t enough folks close to the product that can give their time to do so. That’s why you need community.” Check out their recently launched Product Makers community here

On Wednesday, we took a closer look at our Salesforce integration and talked about how you can combine community and business data to build a 360-degree customer view. We looked at three specific use cases including the aforementioned along with ticket escalation for simplified support workflows and accessing Salesforce knowledge base articles with Federated Search.

On Thursday, it was time to look at one of our customer favorites – the Zendesk integration. Why is it a favorite? Easy. It helps teams build better support workflows and create a better customer experience by allowing customers to access the content they need directly in the community. The result? Increased self-service rates.

And there you have it. Now, let’s wrap up integration week by repeating the words of wisdom from our Product Manager, Daniel Boon: “With a modern B2B technology stack, it’s critical to connect your customer community into existing workflows, data sources, and content platforms. Content platform integrations benefit end users by making the community the front door and central location for all support and success content. Plus, community workflow integrations help reduce the barrier for Customer Support, Product, and Customer Marketing to get value out of the community. We’re excited to offer integrations with amazing partners like ProductboardGainsightFreshworks – and plenty more to come.”

Want to explore our integration stack? Head this way.