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inSided Expands to the US

Amsterdam-based community engagement platform inSided, today announced the opening of its US headquarters in New York. This move follows after a fast expansion across Europe and a successful entry into the North American market.

“While many companies are active on external social media, inSided provides a company owned community platform which brands like Sonos, TomTom and Ahold use to turn conversations into tangible business value” says Robin van Lieshout, CEO of inSided. “CRM and customer experience management related SaaS, which includes community engagement, currently grows at a yearly rate of 34%. The US take up the biggest chunk of this growth, with analysts projecting a growth to at least 60% ($67.2B) of all SaaS spend in 2019 in that region.

As founders, we have been following this market growth in detail and made it part of our strategy to expand our company into the US after focussing on Europe while setting up our cloud infrastructure, reaching product market fit and making strategic hires. We are confident in reaching the same impact in the US, while growing towards global market leadership in the community engagement space.”

With the recent emergence of SaaS as a natural part of the software market, community engagement platforms are becoming increasingly more important channels for customer service, insights, marketing, e-commerce and other use cases. inSided has been involved in communities since the early 90s and has since been at the forefront of pushing enterprise adoption using real ROI, business cases and sustainable outcomes like 80% less calls to the contact centre leading to millions saved per year for T-Mobile, or 6.5M yearly visits and 79% peer-to-peer support for Sonos.

“As more and more companies are investing in digital customer experience, we realized that inSided can make brands relevant again” says Duco Sickinghe, partner at Fortino Capital. “inSided provides a way for businesses to connect at large scale with their customers, and empowers these customers to interact efficiently amongst each other and with brands”. Customers can ask questions, find answers, co-create, share experiences and provide reviews on products and services – all on the owned digital channels. The platform runs on the Amazon cloud, and offers deep business integrations with systems like CRM and analytics.

Being active in one the largest and most mature markets for community engagement will help inSided improve its global product market fit, provide better service to our existing US customers and allow European customers to benefit from the improvements the company’s technology solution will obtain.