CMX 2022 – Why Community Needs to be at the Center of Your Customer Success Strategy

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Here’s how to bring Community and Customer Success together.

This talk, by Kenneth Refsgaard, was recorded at CMX Summit 2022.

The Customer Success movement has taken the world of B2B SaaS by storm. It has galvanized an industry-wide passion for focusing on the customer in order to drive durable growth and retention. Customer Success Managers are ensuring that their customers not only have a good experience, but also an amazing business outcome. Sooner or later there is one question that universally gets asked – How can we do this at scale? In this talk we’ll look at why leading CS orgs are adopting community at the heart of their digital engagement strategy for all customer segments (not just for low touch!). We will be looking at examples from across the B2B SaaS space and offering concrete guidance on everything from segmentation, channels, transitioning, results, and team.

Learn about how:

  • Goals are shared
  • How to drive durable growth
  • Business outcomes that stem from Community
  • How to effectively scale Customer Success
  • Some of the best companies are already doing it

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