Webinar: How Customer Communities and Education Can Drive Engagement

Thank you for requesting the webinar. Scroll down, lean back, and enjoy. Hopefully, you’ll come away with some great new insights.


Glint explains why it’s important to embrace a customer-first mentality, providing access to resources whenever their customers need it – wherever they need it.

Watch the webinar to discover how Glint managed to do this, and what you can do to achieve this.


Jason Gdowik, Senior Training Manager, Glint

Julie Oddo, Head of Customer Empowerment, Glint

Brigid Colver, Community Manager, Glint

Moderated by:

Linda Schwaber-Cohen, Head of Product Marketing, Skilljar

Remco De Vries, Head of Marketing, inSided

In this Webinar you’ll learn:

  • How Glint is unifying Community & Education to optimize the customer experience
  • Why a data-driven approach to program management is the key to your Customer Success strategy
  • How cross-functional partnerships will benefit your customers

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