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Webinar: How Customer Communities and Education Can Drive Engagement

How do you build a sustainable foundation for customer advocacy? Glint's cracked the nut by unifying Online Community & Customer Education programs. Understand how: watch the on-demand webinar.

Skilljar webinar
Glint explains why it's important to embrace a customer-first mentality, providing access to resources whenever their customers need it - wherever they need it.

Watch the webinar to discover how Glint managed to do this, and what you can do to achieve this.


  • Jason Gdowik, Senior Training Manager, Glint

  • Julie Oddo, Head of Customer Empowerment, Glint

  • Brigid Colver, Community Manager, Glint

Moderated by:
  • Linda Schwaber-Cohen, Head of Product Marketing, Skilljar

  • Remco De Vries, Head of Marketing, inSided

In this Webinar you'll learn:
  • How Glint is unifying Community & Education to optimize the customer experience

  • Why a data-driven approach to program management is the key to your Customer Success strategy

  • How cross-functional partnerships will benefit your customers

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