Webinar: Hocus Pocus: The best tricks for presenting Customer Success to your board

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Hocus pocus: The best tricks for presenting Customer Success to your board

A customer-centric culture starts at the core of a company. And it’s CS leaders’ job to represent your clients to your Board in a data-driven manner for alignment between the board, the rest of the C-Suite, and well – the entire company. Because without it, you can’t build a truly customer-centric organization. Join us with Nick Mehta, CEO at Gainsight, and Kellie Capote, CCO at Gainsight, as they reveal all the tricks you need to get the board to see through the lens of the customer.

Learn about how:

  • Why Customer Success matters to the board, and why VPs of CS shouldn’t be scared to present.
  • How do you leave them excited after your presentation?
  • What you should talk about: from operations to ARR load.
  • How to create a data-driven narrative.
  • The metrics your board cares about, and the metrics you should make them care about.
  • Being a true partner to your leadership team, and the board.

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