Webinar: Digital-led CS – From Segmentation to Channel Strategy

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Digital-led CS: From segmentation to channel strategy with Brian LaFaille

Back by popular demand, Looker’s Brian LaFaille joins inSided’s VP of Marketing, Remco de Vries, to discuss digital customer success strategies. This time, we’re getting really tactical as we focus on five specific areas: segmentation, channels, transitioning, results, and team. As always, there will be time for a Q&A to ask all your burning questions.

Loved last year’s webinar? Then you don’t want to miss this knowledge-packed sequel!

Learn about how:

  • Segmentation – How do you define your segments?
  • Channels – What channels should you use, when?
  • Transitioning – How do you transition customers to a digital-led program?
  • Results – How do you measure success?
  • Team – Who does what?

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