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Webinar: How Your Organization Can Achieve a Customer First Transformation

A focus on the customer should be at the core of any business, but few companies actually hold themselves accountable for their customers’ experience. Learn how ChurnZero and inSided achieved this: watch the on-demand webinar.

Webinar How Your Organization Can Achieve a Customer First Transformation
Join our video discussion on how Churnzero & inSided became customer-first organizations and why it is important to put the customer at the center of their business from the ground up.

Watch the webinar to discover how Churnzero & inSided managed to do this, and what you can do to achieve a customer-first transformation.


  • Abby Hammer, Chief Customer Officer|Head of Products | Founding Team, ChurnZero

  • Robin van Lieshout,  Co-Founder & CEO, inSided

Moderated by:

  • Megan Macaluso, Vice President, Customer Success & Operations, ESG (Customer Success as a Service®️)


In this Webinar you'll learn:
  • How to structure your teams to better serve the customer

  • What processes should be put in place to drive customer engagement and adoption

  • What data can be leveraged to get a 360-degree view of your customer

  • How to understand if your organization is successful in your customer first efforts

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