Want success? Engage your customers.

Turn customers into advocates—let them share best practices and inspire each other

It’s all about your users

To be successful, your customers need to be too. That’s where inSided comes in. Here’s how:

Create success with the help of your customers

  • Turn your customers into advocates using gamification and use their enthusiasm and knowledge to inspire others.
  • Your customers are the real experts. Give them a platform to engage and exchange best practices with each other.
  • Make finding content easy with an all-in-one customer success knowledge base with rich articles, videos, best practices, and tips & tricks.
  • Use your online community to publish and promote an event to your user base, while keeping the conversation going long after the event is over.

Maximize Customer Success efficiency

  • Scale communication with your customers through an online community, provide product updates, and engage in dialogues with your customers
  • Provide self-serve onboarding and support options to freemium and low-value customers
  • Assess customer health and sentiment by analyzing their behavior and activities in the community

Boost feature adoption

  • Analyze questions and discussions in the community to identify product bottlenecks and prioritize improvements
  • Use ideation and voting to have your customers propose and prioritize new features
  • Beta test new features with the help of your advocates, and then promote them to your customers

Integrate seamlessly with Support and Success solutions

  • Integrate with Customer Success solutions like Gainsight to create a 360-degree view of the customer, including support and community behavior
  • Integrate with CRM tools like Salesforce to provide insight into community behavior and sentiment at account and contact level
  • Integrate with help desk tools like Zendesk, to escalate tickets and offer 1:1 support for complex questions

eBook: How to Keep and Grow Your Customers

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  • How to boost customer engagement and drive retention
  • Three simple ways to facilitate customer self-service
  • What tools you need to have in your Customer Success tech stack
  • How integrations take your Customer
    Success to the next level