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Customers don't just want self-service, they expect it

With a community, users can quickly resolve issues without contacting you

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Deliver successful self-service with a community

  • inSided Customer Engagement benefits

    80% increase in customer engagement

  • Asset_22

    40% of all support questions answered by users

  • Asset_22

    50% reduction in support tickets

Finally, customer engagement that adds value

  • Customers answer each other's questions and share best practices on your dedicated user community

  • This peer-to-peer activity not only reduces support tickets coming in, but increases your users' engagement levels with your product

  • As your peer-to-peer support ratio increases, time is freed up for your team to focus on more valuable tasks

  • Users trust their peers more than your organization, so let engagement on your community enhance support and customer loyalty.

Dramatically reduce support tickets

  • Combining a customer community with a powerful knowledge base means that users continuously find the answer they are looking for, effortlessly.

  • Communities reduce your support tickets by 50% by facilitating self-service—with federated search across all your resources, answers are always at users' fingertips

  • Customers benefit from all your success and support content on demand—whether user generated or company created. 

  • Intuitive in-product support provides the best answers, every time. 

Easily escalate complex questions to your ticketing software

Seamlessly integrate your community and ticketing system to create support tickets from community posts with one click.

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eBook: Customer Success in the age of self-service

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  • Why self-service is the key to boosting Customer Success

  • 5 strategies for facilitating effective self-service

  • How to unlock customer insights to increase your Customer Success metrics

  • How to provide all of your Customer Success content in one, easily accessible place


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We were already known for our high quality support, and that is something we want to keep providing, even with the high growth that we are experiencing now. With inSided, our customers can get excellent self-service with the help of their peers. This enables our support team to focus on the more complex requests and create new valuable content. Our efficiency and effectiveness increased significantly!


Hiewwaiy Kwok

Community Manager at Infoland

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