Community & data migration

We’ve helped dozens of companies move to inSided quickly, and without the loss of data

Migration to inSided includes:

  • Multi-vendor support
  • Customizable imports
  • No data-loss
  • Retain your SEO-ranking(s)

If I had to describe the migration to inSided in one word, it would have to be ‘Partnership’.

Lila Krutel Meyer

Director Product Education and Community at Gainsight

A flexible low-risk migration

Multi-vendor support

We support data imports from most community vendors. Examples are: Lithium, Jive, Getsatisfaction, Vanillaforums, Rightnow, vBulletin.

Customizable data imports

IDIS allows for customization when additional data needs to be taken into account (e.g. when importing additional profile fields

Don’t lose any data

We are able to import most if not all data, including (but not limited to): users, categories, forums, content (topics, posts, etc), metadata, statuses and more.

Keep your SEO ranking(s)

IDIS automatically ensures that all big search engines change the URL’s of indexed content to new URL’s (if they should change).

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