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Discover how inSided can:

  • Create a better customer experience through engagement
  • Increase customer self-service and peer-to-peer support
  • Streamline your customer feedback process
  • Improve onboarding and facilitate continuous education

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Why leading SaaS companies choose inSided

Our clients deliver value to their customers faster and drive growth by:

  • Creating a better customer experience through engagement
  • Facilitating peer-to-peer discussions and support
  • Increasing self-service and driving customer autonomy
  • Streamlining customer feedback and putting customer needs first

Take a look at any community built on inSided, and you’ll immediately recognize that the platform is built with the end-user in mind. The layout is clean and intuitive, and we hear from members all the time that our community is simply a joy to use.

Adam Ballhausen

Director of Customer Education at Docebo