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inSided Product Feedback and Communication Software


Streamline your product ideation process

Centralize all product ideation processes in one transparent platform. Get deep actionable insights into your customers' problems, needs, and communicate your public roadmap and release notes to close the loop.

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One centralized feedback hub—and you're in control

Better your products through ongoing engagement

  • Increase transparency & engagement through an open feedback portal & in-app widget
  • Build the right products through continuous Customer Engagement
  • Make it easy for customers to share structured product feedback
  • Motivate customers to share through advanced gamification options

Stress-free feedback management

Easily prioritize, structure and close the feedback loop

  • A single structured way for customers to share product feedback & ideas
  • Prioritize feature requests based on popularity, or use integrations to filter on engagement and ARR
  • Work on your product in Beta groups, or private areas

For Product Managers, we wanted to make it easier to see the posts that they care about, and take quick action such as commenting and updating idea statuses.

Lila Meyer Gainsight inSided Product Feedback

Lila Meyer

Director of Product Education and Community at Gainsight

Feedback analytics & insights

A data-driven approach to customer-centric product development

  • Combine Feedback with CRM data to boost the validity of cost/benefit analysis
  • Easily separate the needs & use-cases for different customer segments
  • Use SSO and CRM data to manage users and sync your data

Public Roadmap and Release Notes

Bridge the transparency gap between you and your customers

  • Link product updates & new features to specific customer ideas
  • Engage customers with easy-to-read release notes
  • Increase reach by integrating release notes directly into your product
  • Immediately get feedback & boost adoption
The product-user feedback loop whitepaper small

Whitepaper: The Product-User Feedback Loop

Download this whitepaper and discover how to get smart help from your customers and amplify your product team’s results.

Read about:

  • The product-user feedback loop

  • Product insights from your user community

  • Building the right product—together


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