Self-service dashboard

Measure your self-service score and understand community adoption directly in inSided.

Monitor self-service

Understand self-service scores at a glance.

  • Automatically import ticket data from Zendesk.
  • Filter the content types and categories that contribute to the score.
  • Understand how your community is helping customers shift from 1-1 support to 1-many self-sufficiency.

Community and knowledge base content in one place

Search for Zendesk Guide content directly in your community with federated search.

Allow your community members to simultaneously search through your community content AND Zendesk Guide knowledge base. Saving them valuable time and increasing your self-service resolution rate.

  • Show Zendesk Guide content in your community live-search dropdown and search result pages.
  • Directly navigate to Zendesk Guide articles from the community.
  • Filter the search result pages between community results and Zendesk guide results.
  • Configure which language and Zendesk categories to show in federated search.

About Zendesk

Customer Service Software

Their support products allow customer conversations to flow seamlessly across all channels, which means more productive agents.

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