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eBook: Unlocking your community data

Download our free eBook to discover 5 ways inSided's integration with Salesforce helps you unlock your community data to boost Customer Success

inSideds Salesforce Integration

Gathering customer insights is essential when it comes to guiding key Customer Success decisions in B2B SaaS companies.

inSided’s community platform integration with Salesforce helps you do just that—allowing you to unlock a wealth of customer data and fuel your Customer Success efforts.

Our Salesforce integration opens the door to a host of intelligence on your community: From user engagement metrics, to product ideation statistics to overall growth and reach. Download our free eBook now to find out 5 ways you can use inSided's integration with Salesforce to boost your Customer Success and help you make data-driven decisions for your business. 


Get the eBook and find out how to:
  • Uncover customer engagement metrics from your community

  • Build a better product with the ideation dashboard

  • Analyze community member segmentation

See the integration in action:



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