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Digital Customer Success - Demystified

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for all things Digital Customer Success. Learn how to build and execute digital-led CS strategies from companies like Looker, HubSpot, and more industry leaders.

A digital-led strategy is valuable to all customers

One-to-many, low-touch, tech-touch – call it what you want, but a digital-led strategy is something that should be valuable to all customers. It's about the way you use your channels to drive the right product behaviors to help customers obtain value.

In 2021, we believe that most SaaS companies will move to a digital-led model. That's why we've put together the resources you'll need to help you stay ahead of the digital curve.

Customer Success Challenges

Defining Digital Customer Success

A digital-led Customer Success model is fuelled by automation, customization, and engagement, helping teams to facilitate better customer experiences – at scale. 

But what exactly is Digital Customer Success? In an industry that lacks frameworks, it’s time to get some clarity.

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Choosing your channels and building a self-service ecosystem

Discover what you need to think about when choosing your channels, why automation isn't everything, and how you can start simple by building a one-step journey.


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Choosing the most effective channels

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Channels for the customer journey

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Building a one-step process

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On-demand webinars

Watch on-demand webinars with Customer Success leaders like Looker's Brian LaFaille, HubSpot's Colleen O'Sullivan, Bizzabo's Ben Anthonisz and more.

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Transitioning from a high-touch to a tech-touch strategy

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The rise of the Digital CSM — and why you need one!

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Customer Feedback in the Era of Digital CS

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